Plumbing Camera Inspection

Licensed & Insured Plumbing Experts

Mr. Rooter® Plumbing has advanced plumbing camera inspection equipment to view the health of your pipes from the inside out. There’s no better way to check out every inch of your system and catch any impending problems early. Our diagnosis makes sure that our team (and you) has a complete understanding of your plumbing system’s needs before we begin our work.

Mr. Rooter Plumber showing a customer video camera inspection on a tablet.

More Effective Leak & Blockage Detection

If your plumbing system hasn’t been inspected in a while, call the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing for a professional assessment. Our experienced plumbers use the latest equipment and techniques to diagnose leakage or clogs and locate the source.

Don’t hesitate to call—unseen water leaks can cause property damage, rotting and mold over time. It’s best to discover and repair them early before they lead to further issues, such as problems in your plumbing or sewer system, health department issues, or building insurance complications.

Discovering blockages early is vital for the same reason, as pipes can be overstressed from clogging and suffer increased water pressure over time. Making sure your pipes flow smoothly increases performance while lengthening the lifespan of your plumbing system. Camera inspections help us spot problem areas early.

The advantage of a camera inspection is that we don’t need to guess about the state of your pipes, nor do we have to dig them up before we give you a quote. Our licensed plumbers can have a clear look before beginning—allowing you to make informed decisions based on our accurate, upfront pricing.

Providing Efficient Commercial Plumbing Repairs Since 1970

Mr. Rooter Plumbing technicians are trained to work on all types of plumbing systems, old or new, in large buildings or small office suites. We’ll pinpoint the source of any leak quickly and provide an efficient repair with little disruption to your business operations.

Signs that you may have an undetected plumbing leak:

  • Damp, musty or strong odors.
  • Dripping sounds without a visible leak.
  • Rusty pipe joints but no visible leak.
  • Groaning noises when water taps are turned on, often signaling the system.
  • Squealing faucets often indicate leaks (and the fix is quite simple).
  • Ever-increasing water bills.

Why Call Us?

With nearly 50 years of experience and backed by a rock-solid reputation for excellence, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is more than prepared to handle the commercial-grade plumbing needs of your business. Clients all over North America have turned to us because we provide durable, permanent plumbing solutions that improve performance while saving them money over time.

Call today to receive an on-site estimate from our team of licensed experts.

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