Commercial Septic Systems Repair and Service

Commercial septic system maintenance is essential to keeping your business’s plumbing running smoothly. With decades of experience, licensed Mr. Rooter® Plumbing technicians have the knowledge for expert septic system care and maintenance. Commercial systems are much larger than standard residential tanks, and often have more moving parts to keep waste flowing normally. We have the technician experience to handle these complex septic systems.

Keep your plumbing running smoothly by leaving it to us. We’ll provide a commercial septic inspection, maintain your system, perform repairs, and more.

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Commercial Septic System Maintenance and Repairs to Keep Things Running Smoothly

You can call our expert plumbers to schedule regular maintenance—checking for leaks, cracks, and malfunctioning parts every year—and for repairs to damaged systems.

Here are a few signs that you need to schedule an appointment for system repairs:

  1. You notice water pooling. If your grounds suddenly sport unexplained pools of water, there’s a good chance your septic tank is too full and overflowing. Call in a professional to pump your tank .
  2. There’s a foul odor in the air. A full or leaking septic tank releases the smell of the sludge. If you or your employees start smelling sewage, it’s time for repairs or service.
  3. Your landscaping takes a turn for the worse. Waste may sound like it should act as a fertilizer, but septic waste kills grass. Keep an eye out for odd brown or yellow grass patches or sections of dying landscaping.
  4. Toilets don’t drain as efficiently. Is your toilet flushing slower than usual? Your septic tank may be blocked or overfull, leaving little room for more flushed waste.

Common Issues We Service in Commercial Septic Tanks

We offer commercial-grade septic tank treatment for numerous issues you may run into:

  • Compartment failure. Some commercial septic tanks are split into two chambers. If the dividing wall detaches, it can create a backup that traps sludge and causes a system failure.
  • Tank overflow. If your tank gets too full and starts to overflow, your drain field's ability to absorb wastewater may have changed.
  • Corroding walls. When hydrogen sulfide gas gets trapped in any part of your septic system, it can begin damaging the walls of the compartment tanks.
  • Root damage. As roots grow toward the water emitted by your septic system, they can begin to damage your system.

Septic Tank Service Near Me

It doesn't matter whether you've just noticed an issue or need routine maintenance work. Our commercial septic services are ideal for businesses looking to keep their bathrooms running smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is commercial toilet paper septic-safe?

Yes. Toilet paper is meant to be flushed, so it’s perfectly compatible. Clogs can happen, however, when large amounts get flushed at once, so try putting up a sign reminding bathroom goers to use toilet paper in moderation.

How do I know where my septic tank is?

You can easily find your septic tank by inserting a soil probe every few feet to feel for hard metal, starting where your sewer line leaves the building. It should be about 5-25 feet from your building, and it shouldn’t be found under a paved area or any structures, up against a wall, near a well, or by large-scale landscaping.

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