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Old Man Winter Is Here...Are Your Pipes Ready?

In the Mid-West, winter hits in the blink of an eye...and sometimes, it hits HARD. Is your plumbing ready for the hard hit, or will it go down with a KO in the first round? We have some things for you to think about below!

Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Plumbing Is Ready For Winter

  1. Insulation is a Mid-Westerners best friend! You need to make sure that your basement, attic and crawlspace has plenty of it in order to keep the temps up in those areas.
  2. When it comes to temps in your home, 55 is the magic number. If you are going on a trip, do not set it below 55 degrees so that you can make sure your pipes don't freeze, burst, and leave you with an after vacation disaster to clean up!
  3. Broken Door? Window? Fix them as soon as possible so you can keep the temps in your home regulated. It may seem like something that can wait, but your plumbing will thank you for taking care of it ASAP!
  4. You may have heard someone tell you to let the faucets drip just a little bit when extreme temps hit...that is NOT an old wives tale! This is great advice and a great way to make sure water keeps moving through your pipes!
  5. 5. Remove all of your outdoor hoses from the spigots. If you don't , the water that those hoses hold can freeze, expand, and cause a TON of damage to the spigot.

This list is far from exhaustive, but all 5 are vital to making sure that Old Man Winter doesn't make your Christmas season less Merry!

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