Sink Repair, Replacement, and Installation Services

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We all know how important sinks are. It only makes sense to have them installed and repaired properly by qualified professionals.

Your local crew of Mr. Rooter® Plumbers can help with sink repairs, replacements, installations, and more! Many of our locations offer reliable 24/7 service, and you can count on us to get the job done right the first time, or we'll fix our mistakes at no additional cost. Enlist our help for your sink projects today!

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Sink Drain Installation Services

Your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing team has the experience necessary to install sink drains and other sink elements properly. We can carry out a variety of sink services to ensure your needs are met. They include:

  • Kitchen sink drains: Our team can expertly install kitchen sink drains to ensure smooth water flow and prevent any plumbing mishaps.
  • In-drain garbage disposals: Our garbage disposal installation services will help prevent clogs and enhance your daily dishwashing experience.
  • Dishwasher drains: Our experts can install dishwasher drains efficiently to save you time and prevent issues related to faulty installations.
  • Bathroom sink drains: Bathroom sink drains are some of the most important in any house, and they’re the most likely to clog. We can clear any clogs and give you tips on how to prevent them in the future.
  • Utility sink drains: We provide utility sink drain installation for locations like your basement, garage, or laundry room. These sinks often require special pumps and new plumbing lines.
  • Ejector pumps for sinks below your sewer line or septic tank: Our services extend to installing ejector pumps, a critical component for sinks positioned below the sewer line. These pumps move wastewater from basement fixtures (toilets, sinks, and floor drains) uphill and into your main sewer line.
  • Laundry room drains: We can install efficient laundry room drains to make laundry days a breeze.
  • Sink faucets: If you're upgrading your sink, our experts can install new faucets, combining style and functionality.

How We Perform Efficient Sink Drain Replacements

Before we start the sink drain replacement process, we ensure that you have the right drain assembly replacement. Your drain assembly should match the exact size of the old one to ensure a water-tight fit. We'll take the measurements and help you find the right part for your sink.

Once you've chosen your replacement, we're ready to begin the sink repair. First, we'll remove the old drain, taking time to inspect the P-trap pipe and determine if it needs to be replaced as well. This is crucial when the pipe is made of metal, as metal pipes can rust and corrode over time. If your drain has a metal P-trap, we recommend having us replace it with a PVC pipe to avoid future issues.

Note: We offer many different drain options to ensure the perfect fit. For example, you can choose to upgrade your sink drain to an all-in-one stopper with a removable strainer basket. There are other useful options for bathroom sink drains that can help catch foreign objects before they form a drain clog.

Sink Repair FAQs

Does a plumber fix a sink?

When it comes to fixing sinks, there’s no better professional than a plumber. Sinks are fragile, and repairing them requires a careful hand and intimate knowledge of how plumbing systems work. Here are a few types of sink repairs that plumbers can carry out:

1. Detecting and Repairing Leaks

When your sink starts leaking, a plumber can quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it efficiently. Leaky faucets, drainpipes, and faulty seals can all be repaired by a skilled plumber.

2. Unclogging Sink Drains

If your sink drain is clogged and water refuses to go down, a plumber is the first person you should call. Using specialized tools, they can remove any blockages and restore your sink’s functionality.

3. Repairing Sink Fixtures

Over time, sink fixtures such as faucets, handles, or knobs may wear out or become damaged. Plumbers can repair or replace these fixtures, ensuring your sink looks like new and works perfectly.

4. Installing New Sinks

If you're renovating your bathroom or kitchen, a plumber can install a new sink for you while ensuring proper alignment and secure connections. They’ll also offer advice on selecting the best sink for your needs.

5. Addressing Low Water Pressure

If your sink’s water pressure drops, it could indicate a bigger plumbing issue. A plumber will investigate the underlying cause, which could range from sediment buildup to a defective valve, and remedy the situation.

6. Replacing Sinks

In some cases, a sink may be beyond repair and require replacement. Plumbers can assist in selecting a suitable replacement sink and handle the installation process with precision.

7. Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your sink remains in optimal condition. Plumbers can inspect your sink, check for any potential issues, and perform preventive maintenance to avoid future problems.

Call Mr. Rooter for Sink Drain Replacement and Installation Services

Your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing location is your trustworthy partner for all your sink replacement and installation needs. We have more than 50 years of experience handling everything related to sinks and drains. All of our team members have the expertise needed to tackle your job efficiently and effectively the first time.

To get started on your sink drain repair, replacement, or installation project, call us today or request an estimate online.

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