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Water main shut-off valves, sometimes called emergency water shut-off valves, cut off water flow to an entire home in the event of a plumbing catastrophe. If you need major plumbing work done, closing the water shut-off valve allows the plumber to do their work without worrying about causing water damage.

But what if something goes wrong with your whole-home water shut-off valve? You'll need to hire someone who can restore your valve's functionality quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is your local source for all water shut-off valve services.

Read on to learn more about the following:

  • Main Water Shut-off Valve Services from Mr. Rooter Plumbing
  • How We Perform Water Shut-off Valve Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Local Emergency Service

Main Water Shut-off Valve Services from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Mr. Rooter Plumbing's licensed professionals have extensive experience with shut-off valve issues; we know how to restore yours with minimal interruptions and will provide the exact service you need. We can:

  • Perform water shut-off valve installation in older homes.
  • Repair the valve if it is leaking or doesn’t completely shut off the water.
  • Replace the valve if it cannot be repaired. Older valves may be too corroded or rusty for repairs to be effective.

How We Perform Water Shut-off Valve Services

You may find yourself wondering how main valve installation, repair, or replacement is done. After all, how do you perform plumbing work on the object responsible for making large-scale plumbing work possible?

To perform water shut-off valve services, our plumbing team will first close the exterior shut-off point or well pump. Next, we'll drain the pipes to prevent water damage from occurring. Finally, we'll carry out the replacement or repair using the proper tools to ensure a timely and high-quality service.

Most homes have two points where the water supply can be switched off: a water shut-off valve and an exterior shut-off point. If your home runs on your city's water supply, there will be a shut-off valve where your pipes meet the municipal supply line. For those who have a well, there should be a mechanism to turn off the well pump instead.

Emergency Shut-off Valve Service FAQ

Where is the emergency water shut-off valve?

Your home's emergency water shut-off valve location could be in a variety of places. Here are some common locations that are worth checking:

1. Main Water Supply Line
The primary location for the emergency shut-off valve is usually near the main water supply line. This line typically enters your home through the basement, crawl space, or utility room.

2. Basement or Utility Room
The emergency shut-off valve could be located along the basement or utility room wall where the main water pipe enters your house. It could be a round, wheel-style valve or a lever-type valve.

3. Crawl Space
If your home has a crawl space, check along the main water pipe where it enters the crawl space. The valve might be visible and accessible in this area.

4. Water Meter Box
Some houses have the emergency shut-off valve installed inside the water meter box, usually located at the front or side of the house.

5. Outdoor Faucet
Sometimes, the emergency shut-off valve is placed near an outdoor faucet. This location ensures quick access during emergencies and can be found on the exterior wall of your house.

6. Near Your Water Heater
Check the area around your water heater. Sometimes, the shut-off valve is installed there to allow for quick isolation in case of emergencies or during regular maintenance.

7. Bathroom or Kitchen
Certain houses might have a secondary shut-off valve in the bathroom or kitchen. Look under the sink cabinets or near the toilet to see if it's there.

Get Quality Local Shut-off Valve Services from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

With more than 50 years in the business, we've seen it all. You can rely on us to carefully examine your water shut-off valve and provide a detailed explanation of your service options. After you've made a decision, you can count on us to provide tailored services to meet your needs. Plus, the Neighborly Done Right Promise means our job isn't done until it's done right.

Getting started is easy — call us or request a job estimate online today.

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