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Water Valve Replacement Service

A water valve is essential for water fixtures to operate as it controls the flow and volume of water. So, if you notice that one of yours isn’t working like it used to, then replacing it quickly should be a priority.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help diagnose and repair any plumbing problem, including replacing broken water valves. To help you decide whether it’s time to call in a professional, below we explain the signs of a broken water valve, how replacement works, and how to extend the life of your current equipment.

How to Tell If Your Water Valve Needs Replacement

Similar to most pieces of equipment, a water valve can break in a variety of ways.

Some common indications that a water valve may need replacement include the following:

  • Rust or buildup on the valve: If you see rust or accumulating buildup of any kind, your valve needs to be replaced. Left alone long enough, this buildup can create clogs and render the valve unusable. It can also make it harder to remove and replace.
  • Dripping: A dripping valve is an immediate call for replacement. This indicates a mechanical flaw and can lead to increased water bills and even structural damage over time.
  • Cracks in the valve: Cracks are a serious issue that need to be handled quickly. As soon as you notice a crack, it’s time to replace the valve.
  • Stuck or loose valve: While they may seem like extremely different problems, both loose and stuck valves create issues. A loose valve can make it impossible to control the temperature and is also prone to leaking. A stuck valve makes it impossible to use the faucet altogether. Whether it is loose or stuck, you should fix it as soon as possible.

How Water Valve Replacement Works

As important as water valves are, they can be replaced fairly easily. Here’s how you can replace a broken water valve in your home:

  1. Shut off the water: Locate the water shutoff valve in your home and temporarily shut off water to the area of the house being affected. Depending on how your shutoff valve works, you may need to turn off water to the whole home.
  2. Remove supply lines: Detach any supply lines leading to the broken valve by using a wrench to loosen the connections.
  3. Remove the valve cover: Usually, this can be done by pulling up on the valve cover, though some may be screwed into place.
  4. Turn the valve counterclockwise: Use a wrench to turn the valve itself counterclockwise until it is loosened enough to remove.
  5. Check for rust or corrosion: If the threading on your valve attachment is rusted or damaged in any way, stop and call a plumber. They can help you with replacing the damaged pipe.
  6. Put the new valve in place: Install the new valve in place just like the old one. You should be able to screw it in by hand most of the way, then wrench it into place (being careful not to overtighten) to create a good seal.
  7. Connect supply lines: Reconnect the supply lines with a wrench.
  8. Turn on the water: Turn the water back on and test the valve to ensure that there are no leaks.

Common Causes of Damage to Water Valves

Valves are most often damaged by aggressive use and general wear and tear. Most often, they simply wear out over time and need to be replaced. In some cases, if you routinely yank on the valve with great force whenever you turn it off and on, it can loosen and eventually break.

How to Extend the Life of Your Water Valve

Ideally, you won’t have to replace your water valve very often, but you can extend the life of a water valve by using it gently whenever possible. Another great way to extend the lifespan is to routinely wipe away any calcium buildup that accumulates on it. This can be done with a bleach solution, gloves, and paper towels. When done regularly, the calcium buildup should be relatively easy to remove.

Explore Water Valve Replacement from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

If plumbing isn’t your area of expertise, replacing a valve can seem like an intimidating task. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we have decades of experience helping people like you with all sorts of plumbing installation needs. Give us a call at (855) 982-2028 or request an estimate for valve replacement online!

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