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Four Signs You Need a New Washer

For many adults, doing laundry is a daily or weekly chore that they don’t even think about. Having gotten in the habit of separating clothes, adding detergent and turning on a washer at a young age, laundry often becomes something you can do in your sleep by the time you reach adulthood.

While using a washing machine may seem like second-nature for a lot of grownups, recognizing the signs that you need a new washing machine isn’t nearly as intuitive, especially if you’ve never had to replace a washer before. Some indicators that you need a new washing machine are pretty obvious, but others are a bit subtler. One silent, invisible sign that you need a new washer is its age.

Sign #1: Age

Even though many newer washing machines are made to last up to 11 years, a lot of machines will start experiencing problems after just eight years of use. A washing machine suffers a lot of wear and tear as it ages, which is caused by the force of the water and the spinning motion necessary to clean your clothing. The more you use your washer, the more its parts will become worn and break down.

If your washer is more than eight years old, it’s normally advisable to replace it instead of repairing it, because the repairs may cost as much as a new washing machine.

Signs #2-#4: Leaking, Walking and Noise

While it’s a good idea to start saving for a new washer when your unit turns eight years old, it’s also wise to start setting money aside when you notice one or more of the other signs that indicate you need a new washing machine. These signs include:

  • Leaking: A washing machine often leaks because of overflow or a loose connection. If you have an older washer, you might be able to prevent overflow by putting fewer clothes in each load, which will free up space for the washer to spin without leaking.

If that doesn’t stop your washer from leaking, a worn or loose water hose at the back of your unit may be responsible for the leak. If a replacement hose doesn’t solve the problem, your washer’s tub may be cracked, which would make it necessary for you to replace your washing machine.

  • Walking: If your washer moves from side to side so violently that it looks like it’s walking or it actually moves out of its position even though it’s level, it’s an unmistakable sign that you’ll need to replace your washing machine sooner rather than later. If left unchecked, a walking washer will often create bigger problems such as a leak which can cause your floors to develop mold.
  • Noise: If your washer makes a lot of noise when you use it, several things may be to blame. If you hear a clunking noise, you may be able to stop the noise simply by redistributing your clothes evenly in your washer. If your washer makes airplane sounds, it’s probably just unbalanced. Many washers have adjustable feet, making it easy for you to balance your machine.

If none of the above steps stops your washer from making noise, walking or leaking, contact Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse. One of our licensed plumbers will visit your home to determine the cause of the problem and suggest a permanent remedy.

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