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Water filtration products

Enjoy the Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Pure and clean water is an essential resource that local communities rely on. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on your local water quality report. As buildings and piping systems continue to shower headage, the water quality continues to be at risk, and better knowledge of what that risk means will help prepare you for the future.

Every homeowner deserves to have the peace of mind that they’re living with healthy water. Whether you’re taking a shower, making coffee or brushing your teeth, there are many reasons why it’s essential to know your water is clean and safe.

The best approach is to invest in a water filtration system. There are many types on the market and they all have their pros and cons. Whether your focus is on decreasing the hard water spots on your home’s appliances or removing chlorine, there are plenty of options to serve your most important needs.

How to Choose a Water Filtration System

reverse osmosis water filterIf you’re not sure where to look for a water filtration system. The first step to evaluate the quality of your water. Water quality reports can be found online for every city, and it’s easy to send samples to local water testing labs.

The next step is finding a system that fits your surrounding because the installation process depends on your plumbing situation. A point-of-use water filtration unit is designed specifically for a single faucet. Whereas the point-of-entry unit is installed at the spot where the water supply enters the home or building for full effect across all faucets.

  • The 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter by Enviro Water Products is a point-of-use unit that removes chlorine and other odors.
  • The Whole House System by Enviro Water Products is a point-of-entry unit that uses zero electricity and wastes no water.

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For those who enjoy living in a “green” environmentally-friendly way, there are great solutions that benefit that cause as well. Some offer zero water wasted, and others don’t require electricity. No matter what water filtration system you decide on, the most important part is that it helps your family enjoy cleaner, safer, and better-tasting water.

Having Your Water Filter Installed

When you’ve found the best water filtration system for your situation, call a licensed plumber with the expertise to ensure the system is installed properly and is functioning as it should. Enjoy the fresh benefits of clean and pure water today by investing in the future with a new water filtration system. It’ll give you the assurance you deserve and keep your plumbing and appliances running smoother.