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Unexpected Plumbing Problems & What You Should be Maintaining in Your Home: Water Heaters and Washing Machines

Maintaining Your Water Heater

Over time, the minerals in your water build up inside your water heater’s tank. These minerals eat through the tank, causing leaks that necessitate replacing the entire water heater. You can prevent this issue by flushing your water heater regularly. All you need is a length of hose and about fifteen minutes to complete this simple task, but you will prevent the need for a complete appliance replacement. Most water heaters also have an anode rod that acts as a further protection against tank corrosion. However, in order to prevent tank corrosion, the anode rod itself corrodes and must be replaced periodically, with the frequency depending on your water quality. You can check and replace the anode rod yourself if you consider yourself a handy person or, if it’s something you’d rather not tackle, call your licensed journeyman plumber to make quick work of this essential task. They would be able to provide expert evaluation, including water pressure readings and testing the temperature and pressure valve.

Maintaining Your Washing Machine

plumber connecting washing machineWashing machines are common causes of home plumbing issues. Your washing machine draws water from your home’s main line during the washing process through an input hose. Often this input is a rubber hose, which is prone to degradation over time. If this hose bursts, hundreds of gallons of water can quickly flood your home and cause major damage. Check the hose running from the wall to your washing machine at least twice a year. Look for drips or areas of the hose that appear damaged or cracked. Replace the hose at the first sign of damage, or every four to five years regardless of its condition. Most plumbers recommend replacing rubber hoses with braided stainless steel hoses, which are considerably stronger and less prone to wear.

These simple yet essential maintenance tips will save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repair and replacement by preventing unexpected plumbing problems. Stay tuned to this blog for more suggestions on averting common, yet unexpected plumbing problems in your Portland home.

How will you prevent unexpected plumbing issues?

  • I’ve flushed my water heater, but never replaced the anode rod—time to learn how!
  • I am going to check the hose on my washing machine today
  • I already perform these tasks, I’m going to keep it up