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Keeping an eye out for Underground Leaks

Summer has finally arrived and the warm weather has many homeowners heading outside to work on their yards. This time of the year is also popular for a specific plumbing-related issue known as underground leaks.

flooded lawnUnderground leaks in residential or commercial properties can occur due to numerous problems, including deterioration or rusting from age and inadequate installation. Keep in mind that every underground pipe does have a life expectancy and once they have reached their limit, they may start to leak.

While homeowners are outside enjoying the sun and spending time in the yard, these are some of the signs of leaks to look for:

  • Wet or saturated puddle areas in the lawn.
  • Strip of grass that is greener, or includes moss and is softer.

water bill usageThe most notable change will be the water bill. If you notice a sudden increase that is much higher (2-3 times) than the normal rate, we recommend calling one of our professional plumbers to come inspect the problem.

We’ll send someone out to diagnose the problem and pinpoint any possible leak. After that, we can discuss the best solution to get the issue fixed in a timely manner so that there are no more surprises.

Next time you’re outside watering the flowers or mowing the lawn, be sure to keep an eye out for any possible underground plumbing leaks.