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Clogged sewer pipes

Spotlight On: Trenchless Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair

While most minor clogs occur in the plumbing pipes inside your Portland home and can be cleared using the simple drain-cleaning methods I’ve outlined in previous articles, sometimes the problem is a bigger one. Every home that is connected to a local sewer system has an individual sewer line where all the drains in your home meet. This line is responsible for carrying all your home’s wastewater to the larger sewer main, where it flows a sewage treatment plant. However, your home’s individual sewer line is narrower than the sewer main, meaning it can be more prone to clogs. Many threats can affect your sewer line, leading to sewage backups that require professional attention and assistance. Keep reading to find out more about the causes of sewer line clogs, how you can prevent them, and how your Portland plumber can eliminate a clog easily using the latest in trench-less plumbing technology and techniques.

Causes of Sewer Line Clogs

Your home’s sewer line may clog for many of the same reasons your other drains become clogged. Organic debris ranging from hair to food scraps and cooking fats or grease can become lodged in the line and form a clog. One of the best ways you can prevent these types of clogs is to flush your drains periodically with a pot of boiling water or an enzymatic drain cleaner like Mr. Rooter’s BioChoiceES solution. This practice will break up any forming clogs before they have the chance to block your sewer line. However, there are some causes of sewer clogs that are unique to these plumbing lines. Tree and shrub roots in your yard are constantly questing for water and nutrients. If these roots encounter your sewer line, they can burrow into it and form a living clog that cannot be cleared by normal drain-cleaning methods. Improperly-installed sewer pipes or pipes that may have shifted over time due to changes in your yard over the long term can also make your sewer drain more prone to clogs and other drainage problems.

Trench-less Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair

sewer pipe maintenanceIn the past, there was only one solution to address sewer line clogs and damage: your plumber would dig up the section of damaged pipe and replace it. This process was slow, costly, and damaging to the surrounding area. Today, modern plumbing technology has made major drain cleaning and repair jobs much easier, faster, and convenient. Your Portland plumber will first use an extendable video camera to inspect the interior of your sewer pipe. This allows him to correctly identify the cause of the clog and develop a plan to eliminate it quickly and without guesswork. To access the clog, only a single small hole will need to be dug in your yard. Through this hole, an extendable cable is plumbers performing trenchless repairused to break up the tree roots and repair your sewer pipe from within, eliminating the need to dig up a large portion of your yard to access the pipe. Most trenchless repairs can be made within one to two days and only cause minimal—if any—changes to your yard. After your pipe has been cleared and repaired, regular maintenance can help to prevent any future clogs. Talk to your Portland plumber about regular maintenance, inspections, and drain cleaning to protect your new sewer pipe.

How do you keep your sewer line clear?

  • I don’t do anything—maybe we’ve been lucky?
  • I flush the drains every few weeks as part of my cleaning routine
  • I’ve had a lot of help from my plumber!