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Tips on How to Love Your Plumbing

Still looking for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? We know someone who’s polite, respectful and always on-time. Oh, and did we mention they can also fix your plumbing issues?

If you find yourself struck by cupid’s plunger, also known as trouble with the plumbing, call Mr. Rooter for a prompt response! Whether you’re located in Beaverton, Gresham or Wilsonville, our service professionals will arrive on-time and help you in a courteous manner.

Another reason they call us Mr., is because we take the time to educate customers on preventative maintenance. Here are 7 tips on how homeowners or businesses can be proactive with their plumbing and drain system.

  1. BioChoiceES® - When it comes to preventative maintenance for all of your drain lines, there’s no better eco-friendly solution than BioChoiceES®. This drain cleaner degrades organic materials (soap scum, fats, oils and grease buildup) to ensure everything is flowing smoothly.
  2. Examine Washer Hoses – The hoses connected to your washer can potentially be a risk to your home if not properly examined. Our plumbers highly recommend switching out any rubber hoses for stainless steel. If your connections show signs of wear, leaks or corrosion, don’t hesitate to swap them out with new ones.
  3. Water Temperature – Does the water in your shower not seem to be as hot? Or maybe you have a sink faucet that only gets cold water. Call your local Mr. Rooter for a thorough inspection. Whether it’s a water heater issue or a broken fixture, our licensed plumbers will discuss the options to that best fit your needs.
  4. Slow Drains – Sometimes it can be easy to ignore a slow draining toilet or tub. However, if left untreated, a slow drain can lead to a much larger issue. Whether it’s a clogged pipe, or sewer backup, Mr. Rooter provides 24/7 drain cleaning service - and there's never an extra charge on nights or weekends.
  5. Leaky Fixtures – Don’t underestimate a little drip. If a small leak goes on unfixed, it can add up on your water bill and may cause water damage. Make sure to regularly keep an eye out for signs of active leaks. Our local plumbers can work around your schedule to repair any leaky pipe or fixture.
  6. Circulation Pump – Say goodbye to waiting for hot water. With a circulation pump, hot water instantly starts to flow when turned on. This will save your water heater energy and save you time!
  7. Mr. Rooter Advantage Plan – This next level benefit allows customers to stay on top of their plumbing year-around. Whether it’s the priority scheduling, annual inspections or preferential pricing, this plan allows customers to be stress-free.

The Courteous Plumbing Company

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we strive to provide exceptional customer service every day. From the moment you call our office, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice ready to help. We can schedule a convenient appointment that works around your schedule, that way you enjoy the rest of your day. When our plumber arrives, we’re committed to ensuring your home or business is treated with the utmost respect and care. We wear shoe covers on our feet and use a mat to protect your floors. After we’ve left, you’ll find the workspace cleaner than it was before!

Call our office at 503-610-4183 or fill out an online form to get your plumbing service scheduled!

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