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Plumbing Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a great day for hosting a party. And while not everyone is an avid football fan, we can all count on plenty of good food while we anticipate the next commercial break. If the party is at your place, protect your plumbing blindside by letting all the guests know where your garbage can is located. Clogged kitchen drain lines are the #1 plumbing issue that customers deal with as a result of Super Bowl parties.

So how can you prevent kitchen drain line issues? Mr. Rooter recommends keeping these popular food items clear of the kitchen sink.

  1. Chicken Wings - These might be the most popular food on Super Bowl Sunday. With 1.4 billion chicken wings projected to be eaten, these wings are a major issue if they wind up down the garbage disposal or kitchen drain.

  2. Grease - A lot of popular foods like bacon are cooked using oil. If the leftover grease ends up down the drain, homeowners could be left with a blockage in the pipe by half-time.

  3. Pasta & Rice - Any food that can expand with liquid is never safe for kitchen drains. These two are the biggest culprits for causing a clogged pipe. Make sure your macaroni salad or any leftover rice stays clear of the sink!

  4. Potato Peels - The peels shaved off potatoes or other fruits and vegetables can be a plumbing nightmare for the garbage disposal. Over time, potato peels act as glue and begin to expand, causing the disposal to get jammed or the kitchen drain line to backup.

  5. Egg Shells - There are plenty of yummy recipes for game day that require eggs. But contrary to popular belief, egg shells aren't good for the garbage disposal, and can actually stick to the drain, resulting in a clogged kitchen sink.

These are just five of the most common foods that our drain technicians deal with when fixing a clogged kitchen drain. Of course, if you find yourself needing any kind of drain cleaning services, don't let it disturb your time watching the big game! With Mr. Rooter, we provide prompt service and can quickly get your kitchen drain line working again. Our emergency drain services are 24/7 - and there's never an overtime charge for nights, weekends or Super Bowl Sunday!

If you need to get one of your drain lines unclogged, fill out an online form or call our office to get an appointment scheduled at your convenience - 503.610.4183.


Mr. Rooter Plumbing infographic with plumbing tips for Super Bowl Sunday

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