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Is Your Sewer System Backed Up?

If there are a lot of trees in your yard, or the surrounding area by your home, you could have damage to your sewer system. Let the experts at Mr. Rooter of Texarkana take the guesswork out of a potential sewer headache or nightmare. Mr. Rooter is available 24/7 for all sewer and septic emergencies.

Some signs to look for that will warn you of sewer trouble:

  • You smell a sewer odor coming from the area of the septic / sewer system
  • Other drains in the house are backing up
  • Water isn’t draining quickly

Trees and other shrubs roots are constantly in search of water. If the pipes in your system have even small cracks in them, the roots may break through the sides of the pipes and can cause serious problems in terms of clogs.

Our professional Texarkana plumbers have seen tree roots squeeze through the tiniest of cracks in a pipe, then once the roots find the water the roots grow very quickly. As they grow, the holes in the pipes will get larger, allowing for more root growth, until eventually the pipes and the entire sewer system is completely filled with roots, which clogs the system and eventually bursts the pipes.

When this occurs it is time to call an expert. Our team of skilled technicians can remove these troublesome roots from your system, and repair the damage they caused while they were in there. The technician will use a drain auger or special cable to cut through the roots clogging the pipes. If that does not work, there are other more advanced methods to try.

It is our goal to help get your home working back to normal. You can have confidence that we have the skill and experience to get the job done right the first time. You’ll get qualified services you can trust.

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