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Backflow Preventer Installation

Residential backflow preventers are designed to keep contaminated water from flowing into your home’s potable water supply. Without one of these handy devices, sudden changes in water pressure can allow water to flow backward in the pipes, bringing harmful substances with it.

Protect your home’s water supply—call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing at (855) 982-2028 for backflow preventer installation.

Residential Backflow Preventer

Backflow prevention devices have many applications in the industrial and agricultural industries. Cities even use them to prevent water supply contamination. Mr. Rooter’s specialties are residential backflow preventer installation and residential sewer backflow preventer installation. Our installation process includes these steps:

  1. Our experts will ensure your residential backflow system meets the backflow prevention codes of your state and municipality.
  2. We’ll then evaluate your plumbing system and identify the best location for a backflow preventer.
  3. Next, we’ll inform you of the work we want to do and how much it will cost, before any installation takes place. We believe in full transparency and want to keep homeowners informed every step of the way.

Backflow Preventer Installation Near Me

With nearly 300 locations across the country, Mr. Rooter is your local source for plumbing repairs and backflow preventer installation. Think of backflow prevention as inexpensive insurance; you’ll never know when you need it, but when you do, you’ll be glad your home’s water supply isn’t contaminated. Protect your home and get peace of mind.

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