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Summer Plumbing Tips for Texarkana Residents

Summer means more water use than in the cooler months of the year for several reasons like pools, and extra household and bathroom water use with children out of school. Normally people are under the impression most plumbing issues happen during cold weather and while a split pipe can happen. The difference is that during warm weather, pipes and drains see more use than at any other time of the year.

The Most Common Summer Plumbing Tips

  • Always use a reputable and dependable plumber.
  • Avoid putting grease and certain foods down the drain.
  • Check plumbing inside the home and outside during the summer frequently.
  • Consider having a plumbing professional do an inspection.

Household Problems

There are some plumbing parts that are not made to last permanently like toilet fixtures and faucets. During the summer with children home from school, these will be used much more frequently and may wear out. Garbage disposals get used more in the summer with more cooking and company and it may need to be repaired or replaced. Certain foods can also cause clogs in garbage disposal drains with cookouts and summer foods like melons, starchy foods, and corn cobs.

If you can avoid using the plumbing extensively, it is best to do so to preserve its abilities as much as possible. In some situations, too much use can cause more than just clogs, including pipe bursts or garbage disposal breakdown. Then a home with an underground sprinkler system can become damaged from just weather changes and age. Also, outdoor faucets can begin leaking either from wearing out or another reason. Drains are another plumbing part that can become clogged in the summer for a variety of reasons and toilets can get clogged.

If a plumbing problem happens, interrupting summer fun or family life, the Mr. Rooter of Texarkana plumbing team can fix the problem quickly and professionally. It is our goal to help you keep everything in working condition all year long.

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