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Looking for a licensed plumber to help fix your sump pump? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Flint can help! Sump pumps are an essential part of our homes as they help prevent flooding and water damage. Time is of the essence if yours isn’t working properly. For your peace of mind, we warranty our sump pump services and offer 24/7 emergency service.

To get started today, request your appointment online or call our courteous team. We’ll be over soon to give you a hand.

Types of Sump Pump Issues We Can Repair

Do you have a sump pump, but water is collecting in your basement? Or is your sump pump on but water isn’t getting into the pit? These are just a couple of the issues we can help troubleshoot and repair for you.

Regardless of the issue, we can help. Call us for:

  • Power Failures
  • Frozen and Clogged Discharge Lines
  • Overworked Sump Pumps
  • Sump Pumps that Continually Run
  • Sump Pit is Empty, but the Pump is On
  • Sump Pump and Switch Clogs

With our years of sump pump experience in Flint and beyond, count on us to get yours repaired in no time.

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Would you like to help prevent sump pump breakdowns? We have some easy maintenance suggestions that can help keep your sump pump up and running.

Below are several tips and tricks:

  • Regular Testing. Test your sump pump at least once every few months to ensure it turns on and pumps water correctly. Pour water into the sump pit until the float activates the pump.
  • Clean the Sump Pit. Keep the sump pit free from debris, dirt, and sediment to prevent clogs and ensure smooth pump operation. Periodically remove any buildup from the pit.
  • Check the Discharge Pipe. Inspect the discharge pipe for any clogs or obstructions that may hinder water flow. Ensure the pipe directs water away from the foundation of your home.
  • Clean the Pump's Intake Screen. Some sump pumps have an intake screen that can become clogged with debris. Clean the screen regularly to maintain proper water intake.
  • Test the Float Switch. Ensure the float switch moves freely and isn't obstructed by any debris. A stuck float switch can prevent the pump from activating.

If you discover any issues while maintaining your sump pump, book a service so yours is ready.

Searching for sump pump repair in Flint? Give us a call today or request your service online. We look forward to serving you!

Why Call us to Fix Your Sump Pump

When looking for a sump pump plumber, do you value respect and kindness most? Or do you need your plumber to show up on time? If so - you've come to the right place. Like you, we know how stressed you might be in this situation. Our on-time, courteous plumbers are here when you need them most.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Flint:

  • We Warranty Our Services. We back our sump pump repairs with a 90-day warranty.
  • We Offer Up-Front, Transparent Pricing. We’ll review all pricing with you before performing the repairs.
  • We Offer 24/7 Service. A broken sump pump can be an emergency. As such, we’re available 24/7 and we don’t charge overtime rates.
  • We’re Licensed & Insured. For your peace of mind, our plumbers are licensed and insured. We’re highly trained to fix your sump pump.
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