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Water heaters are an essential appliance in many homes, providing hot water for showers, dishes, and laundry. Unfortunately, water heaters don’t last forever and often need to be replaced after 10 years. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your water heater and prevent costly repairs in the future.

The experienced Flint water heater technicians at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Flint can repair your malfunctioning water heater or offer a full replacement if your unit is old or simply beyond repair.

Why should you choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Flint for your water heater repair needs? 

  1. Guaranteed Parts & Labor: Rest assured knowing that we stand behind the quality of our work. We guarantee all our parts and labor, providing you with peace of mind.
  2. 24/7 Availability: We understand that emergencies can strike at any moment. Our team is available 24/7 to promptly address your water heater installation needs, ensuring you have hot water when you need it.
  3. Cleanliness: We treat your home with the utmost respect. Our dedicated professionals take extra precautions to maintain a clean workspace, using protective mats and appropriate footwear to ensure your home stays spotless.
  4. Professional Experts: Our team is composed of highly qualified and skilled local plumbers who specialize in water heater installations. With their expertise, no task is too challenging for us to handle.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are delighted and completely satisfied with our services. Your happiness matters to us.

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What is Water Heater Maintenance & Why Does It Matter?

Regular maintenance of your water heater involves checking the temperature of the unit and cleaning the sediment at the bottom of the tank.

Performing regular maintenance on your water heater is an important part of homeownership. By taking a few simple steps, you can avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your unit.

How Expensive is Water Heater Repair?

The typical water heater repair cost ranges from $100 to $300. However, some more serious repairs can cost up to $1,000. In order to avoid these costly repairs, it is important to properly maintain your water heater.

How Do I Know When I Need to Replace My Water Heater?

If you’re experiencing high energy bills or cold showers, it may be time for a new water heater. Water heaters should be replaced every 10 years, so be sure to consult with a professional about the best option for your home.

Besides age, there are other signs that your water heater needs replacing, such as:

  • Your water heater is leaking.
  • Your water heater is not providing enough hot water.
  • Your water heater is making strange noises.

How do you flush sediment out of a water heater? To flush sediment out of a water heater, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the power supply (electricity or gas) to the water heater.
  • Connect a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and place the other end in a suitable drainage area.
  • Open a hot water faucet in your home to allow air into the system.
  • Slowly open the drain valve to let the water and sediment flush out. Be cautious as the water will be hot.
  • Once the water runs clear, close the drain valve and remove the hose.
  • Turn on the water supply to refill the tank, then open the hot water faucet you previously turned on to purge any remaining air from the system.
  • Finally, restore power to the water heater.

Call our professional water heater technicians in Flint, MI if your water heater is underperforming or showing signs of needing to be replaced. Not only can our team help you maintain your current water heater, ensuring optimal performance, but we can also replace your old unit with a new one so that you and your family can enjoy efficient hot water usage and lower energy bills.

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