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Going Deep with Sewer repairs in the Low Country

Digging a trench in Savannah, GAThe Savannah area including the counties that surround it are very complex when it comes to the installation of the sewer systems that leave your house and connect to the municipal main sewers. The depth of these sewers vary from 3’ deep to 15’ or more. When you have a problem with your sewer the repair becomes more complicated with each foot in depth. After 5’ deep it requires more than just a plumbing license it requires a special license to dig this deep. These licenses are needed for safety reason.

The low country is very difficult soil to excavate because it is so sandy and does not form well. In the picture’s you will see show the safety measures which are needed to make these repairs. Trench boxes are metal boxes installed into the ditch to protect the workers from the excavated area. Using a large Digging a trench in Savannah, GAexcavator the boxes are safely set into the trench. The size of the box is determined by the depth of the trench.

Many conditions cause sewer systems outside your home to fail. These conditions can range from being installed incorrectly to roots entering the sewer and causing it to break. Often we can determine the exact problem with the sewer by utilizing a sewer camera and video system to take pictures of the inside of the sewer. This allows us the opportunity to determine what repair needs to be completed prior to digging to extreme depths.

When Georgia home owners are determining what contractor to use to make a repair several questions need to be asked? Do you have a Digging a trench in Savannah, GAplumbing license? Is the contractor insured? Does he have a utility contractor’s license for digging below 5’. Did the company call 811 locate to determine any utilities in the area prior to excavating? How will the contractor control the ground water? All of these question are very important to the job being completed safely and correctly.