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How to Maintain Your Water Heater in Shreveport

Your water heater is one of the most important pieces of plumbing in your home. It is vital in ensuring all members of the home have hot water whenever they need it. Unfortunately, not many recognize the importance of it until things start to go wrong and the water heater breaks down, resulting in costly repairs. This is why it is crucial to be a step ahead, performing regular maintenance on your water heater to ensure it works properly and repair small problems before they get worse.

Check Your Water Heater’s Pressure Valve

All traditional water heaters, whether they are gas or electric, have a pressure valve that releases the pressure in the tank should it become too much to handle. By checking the valve, you are ensuring that it is working properly. If something is wrong and the water heater overpressurizes, it can cause the tank to explode.

Drain the Tank

Because traditional water heaters hold the water in the tank until ready for use, it can build up sediment and make the water dirty. Take a bucket and drain the tank until the water comes out clear. This means you have flushed out all sediment and you can fill the tank back up again.

Look for Leaks

Be sure to look under the water heater tank as well as surrounding pipes to see if water is leaking or dripping anywhere. This could not only mean that you are wasting water, you may also be experiencing low water pressure. It is important to fix the leak before it becomes a more worrisome problem.

At Mr. Rooter® of Shreveport, we understand what benefits homeowners can experience by maintaining all aspects of their plumbing throughout the year. You shouldn’t have to deal with expensive repairs or complete replacements, especially when the water heater is still relatively new. Let us come out and provide the services you need.

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