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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions in Shreveport

When a homeowner believes there is something wrong with the plumbing in their home, it’s normal for them to have questions about the issues they are experiencing. Our team understands that people can become concerned with their plumbing when something is out of the ordinary. To help ease the minds of Shreveport residents, our team answers some of the most frequently asked plumbing questions we receive.

My toilet is running. It stops when I mess with the handle. What’s wrong?
This is a common issue we hear about from many Shreveport residents and it’s often times a simple fix. When the toilet is flushed, the flapper is pulled open and the water flows until it refills. Unfortunately, if something is wrong with the flapper, the tank doesn’t refill completely, causing water to continue to run. This could mean the handle is stuck or there is something wrong with the flapper. Take the lid off the tank to find out what’s wrong.

If the water isn’t going down the drain, should I use a chemical drain cleaner?
Many turn to chemical drain cleaners at the first site of a clogged drain because it is the quick and easy fix. However, chemicals can damage the pipes and often times, these products only provide a temporary fix that can easily build back up again. If there is an underlying issue aside from built up debris, a professional plumber should take a look at it.

Why would my water bill continue to rise if faucets are not dripping?
Just because you can’t see a leak doesn’t mean one might not exist. There could be a leak where you cannot see or hear letting water out. This can increase your water bill significantly.

Should I consider a tankless water heater?
Recent trends have pushed homeowners towards tankless water heaters because they never run out of hot water, they save energy and money, and there is no additional water sitting in a tank for long periods of time. At the end of the day, though, it’s all about preference.

Can I fix my plumbing issue myself?
Many homeowners feel the do-it-yourself method is the best way to go, and for simple fixes such as tightening bolts or changing toilet handles, this may be true. However, there may be underlying issues of which you are not aware. In these cases, it’s best to go with someone who fully understands the plumbing in a home and can check to make sure there are no major issues.

When you need help with a plumbing service, our team at Mr. Rooter® of Shreveport is here to help you. We know how to get the job done right the first time so you’re not scrambling to find answers later.

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