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The Importance of HydroScrub® Jetting

If your pipes haven't been cleaned out in a while, it may be time to have a high-quality cleaning job done on them unlike what most traditional cleanings entail. You might notice issues in your pipes if you've seen water going down your sink drains slower than normal, or if you've tried flushing the toilet and notice the bowl almost overflow before the waste exits.

These slowdowns can be very annoying and after a while, it can seem like even a plunger is ineffective. When you run into these situations, our HydroScrub® jetting service will get everything in your plumbing systems operating like normal again.

How Our HydroScrub® Works

HydroScrub® is our proprietary hydrojetting equipment which is used by professionals when they're dealing with a really stubborn drain clog. Using a high-pressure hose and pump system that sends water down drains and removes obstacles, HydroScrub® makes quick work of debris and sludge that go deep down into the drain and sewer lines. It can do so without damaging the pipes and is a preferred alternative to other cleaners.

HydroScrub® Over Cleaner and Snake Methods

While you may want to try and do the job yourself by pouring a chemical cleaner down your sink’s drain, or in some cases you may even consider sending a homemade snake down as well, this usually has a low success rate.

Cleaners may be effective for really small problems, but for really large sludge and debris buildup, they will not work. Snakes may be able to do the same if they can reach the source of the clog, but they can only travel so far. HydroScrub® isn't nearly as expensive as you might think and is 100% effective.

At Mr. Rooter of Shreveport, we are proud to use HydroScrub® and can get all your pipes clear without damaging them in a short amount of time. Our professionals have been using this advanced drain-clearing equipment for years and will ensure that your home is not disrupted while cleaning out your drains. Our Shreveport plumbers are here for you.

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