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Signs Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Repaired

Homeowners and renters alike have to keep up the maintenance of their properties. It’s easy to remember to mow the lawn, remove lint from the dryer exhaust, and even clean the gutters occasionally. However, how often do homeowners think about the condition of their sewer lines? Not everyone is a plumbing expert, so how can one tell if their sewer line needs repairing? Here are some things to look for.

Stubborn Clogged Drains

Do you have a drain in your home that has been draining slower than usual? This could be caused by a simple blockage from things like hair or other foreign objects in the drain. If you find that there is a drain that frequently has this problem, it may be caused by something more serious. It might be time to get your plumbing inspected.

Trust your Senses: Sound and Scent

Have your toilet and other drains been making bubbling or gurgling sounds recently? Have you noticed an odor when you are in the kitchen, out in the yard, or down in the basement? These issues can also indicate that your sewer line is in need of attention. Any time your drains start performing at a worsened quality or producing weird odors, you should look into getting it checked out.

Sewage Backup

One of the clearer signs is a sewage backup into tubs, sinks, or toilets. If you find that there is liquid coming up your drains instead of going down, your sewage line is likely not functioning properly. It is definitely time to look into a solution.

What’s Next?

A problem left untreated can grow into an expensive nightmare over time. Now that you know the signs to look for, what should your next step be? Don’t ignore it and don’t waste money on shortcut solutions that may not fix the problem. Leave out any guess work and call the experts at Mr. Rooter of Shreveport! We are here to answer your questions, walk you through any problems you may have been experiencing, and advise you about any services necessary.

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