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What to Do When Your Sewer System is Backed Up

One of the scariest and, sometimes, most costly home issue usually is a backed up sewer system. The last thing you want is a mess in your home, but when the possibility gets raised that it could deal with sewage - leaving a stinky mess - then things could be even worse. If you are concerned about your sewage system, then you need to think about several things - including calling a local plumber.

1) Do You have a Sewer Issue?

The first thing is to recognize that you have a problem. To that extent, you need to keep an eye on potential warning signs of a sewer drainage problem.

Such signs could be a clogged drain or toilet. A toilet which flushes slowly or makes a gurgling noise could be a symptom that a back-up sewage system is starting to occur. Other places where things could get clogged include the shower, the sink, and the washing machine.

2) Find out Why There is a Problem?

Sometimes, it is due to decay or rust, but often there is a more physical issue as to why a sewage system is getting blocked up. Tree roots sometimes can clog up a sewage system. Gunk or debris can clog up the sewage pipes, forcing a situation where things get bottled up within a certain area of the entire system.

3) Fixing the Situation

If you think it is only a clog that is blocking things up, then using Drano to unclog things is fine. Just be careful not to use these chemicals too much as they can cause damage to your pipes if constantly used.

However, if you think you have a more far-reaching problem, then it is time to call in a Shreveport plumbing service. The worst thing you can do is to try a cheap fix to the situation and then make things worse. Sewage pipes can easily break in these situations and suddenly your residence or yard is suddenly filled with sludge. Turn to a professional from Mr. Rooter of Shreveport at this point.

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