6 Warning Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

Residential water heater with the front panel removed for repairs or adjustments to thermostat. | Mr. Rooter of South Jersey
Ensuring that your home is running at peak efficiency is important – especially when it comes to keeping the water heater in good shape and functioning properly. Unfortunately, you may not realize your water heater is on the verge of breaking down until you notice a few warning signs that something isn’t quite right. From age-related issues or wear and tear from general use over time, here are six clear warning signs you should be aware of if you suspect there may be an issue with your Vineland water heater.

Knowing what to look for and addressing these problems early on can help avoid bigger issues (not to mention bigger repair bills) down the road!

1. Strange Noises Coming From The Water Heater

Strange noises coming from your water heater could be an early warning sign of sediment buildup, a common problem for certain water heaters. Sediment buildup is caused by minerals and other particles in the water that collect over time. If left unattended, they can interfere with the efficiency of your water heater and its lifespan.

To help avoid this issue and ensure that your water heater continues to run smoothly, it is recommended that you flush out any sediment every few months or do so before or after extreme temperature changes. If strange noises persist, it may be time to consider replacing your water heater altogether.

2. Rusty Water Coming from The Hot Tap

When rusty water comes out of the hot tap, it can be a sign that something serious may be wrong with your water heater. This is especially true if the pipes connecting to your water heater have corroded over time. Corrosion can cause particles from the pipe to be scraped off and end up in your tap water, giving it a reddish tint.

Fortunately, this issue can often be resolved simply by replacing the corroded pipes with new ones. However, it's also a good warning sign that your entire water heater may soon need to be replaced due to age or wear and tear. If you're noticing this problem, it's important to address it quickly to protect your health and your home and appliances from damage.

3. Insufficient Hot Water Supply

If your Vineland household is having difficulty meeting its hot water needs, it could be because the water heater tank is too small. This can create water supply inefficacies that impact your home’s comfort and functionality.

Other signs of insufficient water supply include a water heater that is:

  • Unable to produce hot water
  • Making loud noises
  • Producing rusty or discolored water
  • Causing low water pressure

To resolve issues like inadequate supply, we suggest allowing our South Jersey plumbers to inspect the capacity of your water heater and consider an upgrade for improved efficiency.

4. Water Temperature Fluctuations

Issues with water temperature fluctuations can be caused by the fact that you have a tankless water heater (these water heater types are prone to the cold water sandwich effect) or a malfunctioning thermostat or mineral buildup within the tank. Suppose your water heater is not maintaining a consistent temperature. In that case, there is likely an underlying issue that needs to be addressed immediately, as they often lead to more serious problems down the road.

Regular maintenance and inspection can help you identify any problems before they become long-term issues, so be sure to pay attention to any signs of an inconsistent temperature in your home’s water supply, such as sudden shifts in hot and cold temperatures or extra noise coming from the unit. By recognizing the warning signs early on, you can take immediate action and thus avoid potentially costly troubles in the future.

5. Leaks In or Around The Water Heater

Leaks in or around the water heater can be an indication of a major problem that needs to be addressed by a local plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey. These leaks can cause damage to your floors and other property and increase damage over time due to continued water displacement.

Further, leaks could also be signs of more advanced problems inside the system, such as cracks in the water tank or pipes needing replacement. Our experienced plumbers will inspect the area and assess all the damages before recommending any resolutions for water heater repair or replacement.

6. Excessive Energy Bills

Unusually expensive energy bills are a telltale sign of an inefficient water heater system. If you’re consistently dealing with unexpectedly high bills, visually inspect your water heater for the above indicators.

That said, increased energy bills could be due to an overworked system or a unit that isn’t adequate for the size of your household. Our professionals can help you decide whether a repair or replacement is right for your situation.

Trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey to Help You Make the Right Decision About Your Water Heater

Replacing your water heater isn't something that happens often, but it is a necessary task when certain signs are present. With these warning signs in mind, you should be able to accurately diagnose any water heater issues with the help of a licensed and qualified plumber. If repairs cannot fix these problems, it's time to consider replacing the system completely Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey offers a wide range of plumbing services and can help you find the perfect solution for your hot water needs today!

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