What are the Best Plumbing Fixture Brands?

Plumbing fixture showroom with faucets and tubs
Are you in the market for a new plumbing fixture? With so many different brands and products available, it can be confusing and tough to decide what will work best for you. Ultimately, there are a few factors homeowners should consider when getting ready to buy: reliability, style & design, and performance.

Rely on the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing for expert advice. Our licensed plumbers have decades worth of experience repairing and installing different fixtures, so you can feel confident that we are recommending the highest quality products in the industry.

Brands We Recommend


Delta – As one of the oldest and most notable brands in the market, customers cannot go wrong with Delta faucets. Their parts are readily available, they function well, and are designed to be durable, long-term products.

Kohler – Another brand that meets our performance standards is Kohler. While we highly recommend these faucets, keep in mind that they are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Their flawless designs are always amongst the best and on-trend.

Moen – When it comes to innovation and reliability, count on Moen’s line of kitchen and lavatory products. Their touchless faucets have won numerous awards, and they are always releasing cutting-edge smart technology to help you control water usage and avoid water damage.

Phister – One of the more common brand names you will see is Phister. These faucets are reliable for both residential and commercial customers. Most of Phister’s products are reasonably priced, which makes them a great option if you are hoping to stay within a tighter budget.

Kraus – If you are looking for a very unique design, we would recommend checking out Kraus’ inventory. They offer a wide variety of finishes for sinks and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Their simplistic designs definitely give off a modern vibe, but they are also known for being very high quality.

Grohe – Grohe offers very high-end products that many people utilize for their entire home. They’re one of the best-performing brands you can buy, and when you combine that with their latest innovations and award-winning designs, it's no surprise why people rave about Grohe.


Toto – The “good ol’ reliable” as we like to call it around our shop. Toto toilets are as good as they come, and customers love them too! They perform at a five-star level and have won numerous awards for their design. When you need a toilet, you can never go wrong with Toto.

American Standard – As one of the oldest manufacturers of toilets, American Standard is legendary for their wide range of plumbing products. Their selection of toilets is going to be more affordable than some of the other brands, and they are a really good choice for any bathroom.

Brands We DO NOT Recommend

Glacier Bay – You get what you pay for with Glacier Bay, and that is a cheap product. There is not much quality that goes into these builder-grade fixtures. The materials have been known to be much less durable or reliable. But if you want to pay half the cost as other brands, Glacier Bay might be for you.

Niagara – While we cannot say they are as bad as Glacier Bay; we also would not endorse purchasing a Niagara toilet. They do offer some water-reducing products, but we have not been impressed with their line of toilets. Their prices are not bad so it might make sense for you, but there are many better options at a similar price point.

We hope this helped narrow down your list of choices. And if you are ever in need of plumbing fixture installation or replacement services, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing today or schedule an appointment. We never charge extra for night, weekend, or holiday service!