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Three Things You Need to Consider About Your Plumbing When Remodeling

You’ve been planning this bathroom remodel for a few years now. It’s finally time your master bath lived up to its name. Have you taken the time to examine your current plumbing to see what issues you might face? Will current systems need to be moved? New ones added? It can be confusing, so Mr. Rooter of Beaumont wants to help simplify this process for you. We asked our plumbers what they would tell customers planning a 2018 remodel. Here’s what they told us.

Understand What You Have

Do you know what kind of pipes your home has? This can drastically change the scale of your remodel. If, for example, your home is older and has galvanized steel or PVC pipes, these will need to be replaced. If you can get away with leaving your lines in place, then you’ll need to know how best to connect to them. After that, consider the current layout. Do you already have problems with the shoddy job a previous owner did trying to do their own remodel project? Fix these before you add anything new. Finally, do your plans look like they will cause problems to the current layout, and can you modify either? Do you want to go to the trouble of adding a new fixture that leads to the infamous cold shower problem? Take the time to fully examine your plumbing with the help of a professional so you can prevent these issues.

Be Careful with New Features

You may really love that new toilet or want that classic soaker tub popular in 2018-bathroom design. Can your system and home handle the new features? A heavy bathtub will require improvements to the floor. Your new toilet may need to be closer to the main soil stack or alternative draining options to function.

If you live in Beaumont and have plans for a bathroom remodel in 2018, call Mr. Rooter of Beaumont today to schedule an appointment. Our certified plumbers can help you go over your project to make sure all plumbing issues are addressed in advance, so you can get the remodel of your dreams done this year.


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