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5 Warning Signs That Your Water Could Be Contaminated

Drinking contaminated water is becoming a serious concern for people all around the country. Consuming toxic water can result in severe health effects, especially after consuming it for a long period of time. It is important to be able to identify some warning signs that your water could be contaminated.

Your Water Is Cloudy

It is easy to tell when your water is cloudy. Many people disregard it, not realizing the implications. However, water should always be clear. If the water is cloudy, it means that there are too many minerals and contaminants in the water. If your water looks cloudy, call a specialist and do not drink out of your tap until you know the situation.

Your Water Has a Chlorine Smell

Another clear indicator that something is wrong with your water is if it has an odd smell, specifically that of chlorine. Some public water treatment facilities put a minuscule amount of chlorine into the water. When added in the correct amount, it does not affect the purity of the water and serves only as a way to kill bacteria. If your water smells like chlorine, it could be a sign that the facility added too much chlorine and you should not drink it.

Your Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

If your water smells like rotten eggs, it most likely contains too much sulfur. Small amounts of sulfur are in our water already because sulfur is a natural mineral in the ground, but too much of it can be dangerous. If the smell is faint and goes away quickly you should not worry. However, if it is extremely pungent and lasts for a long time, call in a specialist.

Your Silverware Is Rusted or Tarnished

If you notice that your silverware is suddenly rusting, this could be an indicator that there is too much iron in your water. If your silverware is rusting but you do not see anything in your water, it is most likely not toxic for your health. However, the iron can do serious damage to your appliances, which could end up requiring expensive repairs.

Your Water Looks Brown

One of the most shocking occurrences with water is when you turn on the faucet and some brown or orange liquid spills out. This often indicates a strong presence of iron or manganese, which can happen if there is mining or excavation near a water source. It can also happen if your pipes are old and rusty. Call a plumber to inspect your pipes if you have any questions about water purity.


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