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Major Fall Plumbing Difficulties Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

Fall is upon us here in Beaumont, Texas, and most homeowners are just in the beginning stages of preparation for the coldest months of the year. In conjunction with making an effort to do your standard plumbing maintenance tasks this season, it’s essential to have a good understanding of a couple of basic plumbing predicaments that are common occurrences in the autumn. Review two of the most well-known fall plumbing challenges indexed below to help you reduce the chances of encountering them this season.

Obstructed Drains

When the weather becomes colder, most residents in Beaumont prefer to stay indoors. This, in addition to the arrival of the holidays, tends to result in food remains building up inside pipes at a far more rapid pace. While it's crucial to be careful throughout the year, it's especially imperative to be mindful of what you, your family, and your guests put down the sink during the fall and winter months.

If you don’t own a garbage disposal, refrain from throwing food remains in the sink. Instead, dispose of them the old-fashioned way by throwing them into the trash. This ensures nothing hazardous goes down your drains and into your piping system. There are a great range of different things with the ability to damage your pipes if they infiltrate your drains, such as oils, fats, and grease. These substances are inclined to adhere to your pipes and other debris, which often creates a large clog.

If you encounter a clog in your system, this fall, you can attempt to resolve it by emptying a mixture of warm water and dish soap down your drain, which can aid in the breakdown of smaller blockages. If this doesn't work, the clog may be too big for you to dislodge on your own. Under these circumstances, call a professional plumber who can examine the clog and restore your system in the most efficient manner.

Broken Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater will be working non-stop during the cold weather seasons to offset the impact of the brisk temperatures, so the worst thing you can anticipate happening is the breakdown of your hot water heater this season. Getting your water heater examined and serviced by a professional in the fall is the best way to guarantee it is prepared for fall and winter.