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5 Items You Should Avoid Pouring Down the Drain

Your drains are important to the function of your home. There are a few items you should never put anywhere near the drain. These items can lead to clogging and expensive plumbing issues down the line. Keep your Beaumont drains safe and keep these items away from your drain.

#1: Cooking Oil

All types of cooking oil can lead to solidified clogs in your drains, from olive and canola oils to items that contain oil, such as mayonnaise and salad dressings. These substances mix with other debris already present in your drain to create thick, difficult sludge that can be expensive to remove.

#2: Pasta and Rice

Both rice and pasta expand when they encounter water, which can lead to drain blockage. In addition, the semolina flour in pasta can become very sticky and gummy in the pipes, which makes it especially difficult to remove.

#3: Coffee Grounds

Unlike many other substances, coffee grounds cannot dissolve in water. When you mix these grounds with oil and grease in the drain, you can create a significant clog. Always dispose of your leftover grounds in the trash or compost bin.

#4: Leftover Cooking Grease and Fat

Like cooking oils, grease and fat do not dissolve in water and can solidify once they hit your pipes. You can develop a mass of fat that blocks any water from traveling down your sink drain. In addition, these substances help other debris cling to the side of your pipes, leading to larger build-ups.

#5: Egg Shells

Eggshells pose a different hazard to your sink drain. If you have a garbage disposal, the hard shells can damage your blades and the egg membranes can harm your grinder. In addition, the shell particles do not dissolve in water and can mix with grease and fat to develop more severe blockages.

You should never put these items down the drain in your Beaumont, Texas home. However, accidents do happen and you can experience clogs due to these items. If you need drain repairs in the Beaumont area, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing today. We will gladly repair your drains and get them running as quickly as possible.

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