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Does Bad Water Pressure Mean Bigger Problems in Your Plumbing? | Mr. Rooter Beaumont, TX

While low water pressure can be an inconvenience, it's important to realize that it may also be an indication of other underlying issues with your home's plumbing. If bad water pressure is something that you experience regularly in your home, it may be time to call a plumber for a proper inspection. Here are some of the things that could be causing your water pressure to be so low, and what can be done about them.

Clogged faucets and showerheads could be causing your low water pressure. Mineral and particulate buildup happens over time with any plumbing system in Texas, and this is frequently concentrated at the exit points: faucet screens. This is the simplest fix of them all, since it just requires cleaning faucet heads and/or replacing screens. This is a good place to start troubleshooting, before calling a plumber.

Pipe corrosion. This is another common culprit for low water pressure with any plumbing system, since corrosion slows the flow of water through the pipes. Owing to the heat and humidity in Texas, corroded pipes are a common problem throughout the state. Having the pipes replaced by a professional plumber is the only real way to remedy this issue and get your water pressure back to normal.

Tree roots. Believe it or not, tree roots growing into plumbing is another common cause of low or weak water pressure, especially in Texas. During warmer months, the roots of the trees tend to seek out cool damp places like your pipes. They can both cause leaks and create blockages in your pipes, decreasing your water pressure. A plumber can easily auger your pipes to correct this issue.

Other kinds of leaks. Pipes sometimes just wear out and begin to leak. If you have a leaky pipe somewhere that's not visible (like underground, for example), it may take a while to notice. Low water pressure is one of the symptoms of a leaky pipe, so it's best to have it checked out by a professional plumber before it does any further damage.

If low water pressure is a common problem in your home, let us help you to diagnose and fix the problem. Our team of professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Beaumont have years of combined experience and are excellent problem solvers. Contact us today to schedule a consult.