Mr. Rooter works with residents and business owners in the Nederland, TX, area to make sure that everyone has a working water heater that won’t let them down! If something happens to your water heater, call us any time for emergency plumbing services. We can get your tank or tankless water heater working well again with repairs or offer replacement services.

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Water Heater Repair Services

You may not need a replacement if your water heater has minor problems! We offer repair services for your water heater and preventative maintenance, so your unit lasts as long as possible.

Reasons to Call Mr. Rooter for Water Heater Repairs

  • Your water heater has an odd smell or the water coming from the hot water faucet has a strange smell. We can flush the tank and try to get rid of the corrosion or buildup that causes the tank and water to have an odor.
  • If your water heater leaks, it may be repairable. We would have to inspect your water heater to tell you if you need to replace it right away or if it has a few more years left.
  • You may need to have your heating element or pilot light serviced when your water heater won’t produce hot water.

Water Heater Installation

The licensed and  professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter are available to help you with new installations. We can help you choose the right water heater for the size of your home or business. Once you’ve picked out the equipment, then we will make sure that it is installed into your building and working correctly. We also offer preventative maintenance for your water heater so that it has a lifespan that lasts many years.

Tank Water Heater

A tank water heater is an excellent option if you are on a budget and would instead put your money into other areas of your new home. It is easy to upgrade to a higher-capacity water heater in the future.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is an efficient and convenient way to make sure that you have hot water continuously. We can help you pick the unit or units that are right for your home so that your tankless water heater is the most efficient for your square footage.

Water Heater Replacement

Water heater replacement services are necessary when your current water heater is done working correctly. A typical tank water heater has about 10-12 years of life before you should start thinking about replacement services. A tankless water heater can last around 20 years if it is well-maintained.

Reasons for Replacement Services

  • If you notice that your hot water has a brownish color, then you probably have rust in your water. Rust is usually a good indicator that you need a replacement.
  • If you have sediment in your hot water tank, then you can have many problems with your tank. Sediment can cause rust and leaks. If your tank leaks, you should have it replaced.
  • If your water isn’t hot enough and you’ve adjusted the thermostat and checked the heating elements and pilot light, then you will need replacement services.
  • If you have an old water heater, it is great to upgrade when you plan it instead of having it go out in the middle of a shower! Plan for a new tank water heater every ten years, then you don’t have a surprise for your budget and your home has the necessary updated equipment.
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