There have been warning signs. You hear water running and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Your last water bill was much higher than normal and you can’t figure out why. You have soggy spots in your yard even though it hasn’t rained. Then one morning you walk across your living room floor and your feet find a damp place. All these things can indicate there’s a leak in the slab of your Port Arthur home.

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Why You Need to Take Immediate Action

There’s nothing more invasive than water. It gets everywhere and it does damage fast. Here are some of the problems caused by slab leaks.

  • Foundation damage – When water erodes the soil your foundation can shift and crack.
  • Warped walls – water seeps into walls, causing them to warp. As your foundation shifts cracks appear in sheetrock.
  • Mold – when surfaces stay damp, mold and mildew thrive. Exposure to mold can make you sick.
  • Ruined floors – your carpet and your hardwood were meant to stay dry.
  • Bad smells – your home might smell musty or, if the leak is in the sewage line, it might smell worse.

Unfortunately, the longer your pipes continue to leak, the more the water will damage.

The Good News

Homeowners insurance typically covers your expenses if you have a slab leak. If you’re putting off repairs because you’re afraid of the bill, you don’t have to anymore. Your insurance company will pay for a professional to fix the leak and to replace anything the leak damaged.

What Will Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Port Arthur Do?

We have the tools. We’ll locate your leak using electronic listening devices and tanks of compressed air. We have the right tools to access damaged pipes and repair whatever’s broken.

We have the experience. Our licensed professionals know plumbing. We can tell how your pipes are laid out inside your concrete slab and how obstructed or damaged the pipes are.

We have the expertise. Not only will we find and repair your leak, we know all the places water hides. We’ll help you locate hidden moisture and get your home completely dried out so you don’t have mold and mildew later on.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Port Arthur is dedicated to high-quality and customer service. Our professional plumbing technicians are and insured. We offer polite, friendly service and keep our workspace clean. We guarantee our workmanship and parts. Let us fix it right the first time.

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