If you suspect a slab leak in Port Neches, here are some signs to look for.

  • Wet or warped floors
  • You hear water running when you shouldn’t
  • Your home smells damp and musty
  • Water pressure decreases
  • Some spots of your yard stay soggy
  • Your water bill suddenly goes up

The longer a leak goes undetected, the more damage it can cause. Leaks in your concrete can cause foundation damage that extends up your walls and requires expensive repairs. Water ruins flooring and sheetrock, so you have to remove and replace it. Mold and mildew cause respiratory problems.

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How to Find a Slab Leak in Port Neches

Homeowners sometimes ask if they can repair slab leaks themselves. Plumbing issues are complicated matters, and you should always rely on an experienced technician to avoid further damage or health hazards.

You need a lot of experience with plumbing. Leaks can be hard to find. A professional knows how plumbing is laid out underneath a home and how water flows through pipes.

You need the right tools. Electronic listening devices and compressed air tanks help locate a leak. A jackhammer might be necessary to get to damaged pipes encased in concrete.

The problem isn’t just the leak itself. Once the source of the problem is found and fixed, there are other problems created by the water that leaked out. Water gets in unexpected places. If it isn’t completely removed, homeowners end up with mold and mildew that can lead to respiratory problems and other health risks.

In most situations, homeowners insurance will pay to have slab leaks professionally repaired. Insurance also pays to replace anything that suffered water damage. Let your insurance company pay to have the job done right.

How Do You Hire the Right Professional?

  • Check reviews for professionals in your area. Which ones have a solid reputation for doing the job right the first time?
  • Hire someone who is licensed and insured.
  • Find out how they’ll keep your house clean throughout the process.
  • Make sure they spell out exactly what they’re going to do and what it will cost.

Mr. Rooter Plumbers of Port Neches finds slab leaks, and we’re insured. We hire licensed technicians who keep their workspace clean. We guarantee our workmanship and parts, so you know it’s fixed right and fixed for good.

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