Professional Plumbing Diagnosis in New Orleans, LA

Residential Plumbing Inspection & Diagnosis

If you have a hidden plumbing issue or a plumbing problem you can’t solve on your own, our team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Orleans can provide a professional plumbing diagnosis in New Orleans, Metairie, or Kenner, LA. We will begin with a residential plumbing inspection, during which we thoroughly assess the health, condition, and performance of your plumbing system, drains, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. Our plumbing inspections allow us to determine the location, cause, and severity of plumbing problems so we can find the fastest solution. Call us today to schedule a home plumbing inspection or request an estimate for plumbing inspection costs.

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The Importance of a Professional Plumbing Diagnosis

Most homeowners don’t have the experience, tools, or training needed to make an accurate diagnosis of home plumbing issues. Our team of home service professionals has years of experience, and we arrive with the tools needed to complete a thorough plumbing inspection. During our home plumbing inspection, we’ll be able to use our plumbing camera to explore even the most remote areas of your plumbing. We can send our state-of-the-art, waterproof camera hundreds of feet into your pipes to find hidden clogs, leaks, damage, pest infestations, tree root intrusions, and more. Getting a professional plumbing diagnosis is key to understanding the severity of your plumbing issue and finding the fastest, safest, and most effective solution.

What Is a Plumbing Inspection?

A plumbing inspection is a risk-free, low-cost way to uncover hidden plumbing issues, get a professional plumbing diagnosis, assess the health and condition of your plumbing, and evaluate its efficiency and performance over time. During a plumbing inspection, our team of home service professionals will conduct a visual inspection and plumbing video camera inspection that carefully follows our thorough residential plumbing inspection checklist. Our visual inspection will assess the condition and health of your pipes, toilets, utility lines, water heater, faucets and spigots, water valves, caulking, and other elements. We will look for cracks, gaps, warping, leaks, condensation, mold, and any other problems. During our plumbing video camera inspection, we will inspect your drainage system and utility lines to look for cracks, punctures, breakage, degradation, corrosion, pest infestations, clogs, tree root intrusions, and other problems.

When You Need a Home Plumbing Inspection

We recommend that homeowners schedule annual plumbing inspections. You might also schedule a home plumbing inspection if:

  • You plan on putting your home on the market.
  • You’re thinking of buying a home and want to assess the condition of its plumbing.
  • You want to confirm that plumbing repairs or installations were completed to code.
  • You are going to begin a home renovation, remodel, or addition and want to make sure you don’t damage hidden pipes or utility lines.
  • You suspect you have a hidden plumbing problem.
  • You have lost jewelry or other valuables down your drain.
  • You think you have an insect or rodent infestation in your pipes or drains.
  • You want to track the condition of your plumbing.
  • You want to diagnose a plumbing issue.
  • You want a professional recommendation as to whether you should repair or replace plumbing elements.
  • You suspect your pipes are made from an outdated or unsafe material.

What To Expect After a Plumbing Inspection

After your plumbing inspection, we will make a professional plumbing diagnosis and recommendation. We will go over our residential plumbing inspection checklist with you and explain our findings. We can also provide you with a formal plumbing inspection report that you can use for insurance purposes. We may recommend plumbing maintenance services to reduce your risk of future plumbing issues. We may suggest drain cleaning, HydroScrub® Jetting services, or pipe relining. For more serious issues, we may suggest plumbing repairs, leak repairs, or plumbing replacement and installations.

Get an Estimate for Plumbing Inspection Cost

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Orleans today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate in New Orleans, Metairie, or Kenner, LA. We’ll send an experienced member of our team to your home to complete a thorough plumbing inspection. We can then provide a professional plumbing diagnosis, and make our recommendations for plumbing maintenance, plumbing repairs, or a new plumbing installation.

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