Commercial Radiator Repair & Replacement

Commercial radiator heating is available in two different system types: steam and hot water. Both systems use water heated by a boiler to warm rooms, but each radiator type uses the water differently. Whether your radiators are heating with steam or hot water, your local Mr. Rooter® Plumbing has the experience necessary to perform an effective radiator heater repair or replacement at your commercial property.

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Commercial Radiator Services from Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Repair services we offer for commercial hot water radiator heating systems include:

  • Bleeding air from lines
  • Circulator pump repair and replacement
  • Hot water radiator valve repair or replacement
  • Radiator noise troubleshooting
  • Sealing water leaks in the system
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Zone valve replacement

Repair services we offer for commercial steam radiator heating systems include:

  • Air vent repair or replacement
  • Relief valve replacement
  • Radiator noise troubleshooting
  • Sealing steam line leaks
  • Thermostat replacement

We also offer expert boiler repairs for both system types.

Replacing Radiant Heat Systems

Many historic buildings still have intact radiant heat systems, and property owners are keen to keep those systems going. With the appropriate care and maintenance, cast iron radiators can last generations. But under certain conditions, radiators can fail and break beyond repair. What’s a building manager or owner to do in this circumstance?

The two primary options to choose from are to replace individual radiators or to replace the entire system with a more traditional heating method.

  • Radiator replacement. Commercial hot water or steam radiator replacement can be a quick and easy way to upgrade your building’s heating system. Your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing can install new, modern radiators where the old one once stood.
  • Hydronic heating system or boiler upgrade. New, high-efficiency boiler upgrades can pay for themselves through energy savings. They may be able to adapt to your existing radiator system.
  • Replace the whole system with a forced-air system. The desire for a more modern or conventional heating method drives many property owners to replace boilers and radiators with a forced-air system. If this is the choice you’re leaning toward, our colleagues at Aire Serv® can help.

Commercial Radiator Repair Near Me

For reliable commercial radiator repair or replacement, you can count on your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing. We provide upfront pricing, and with our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, you can rest assured that our work isn’t complete until you’re totally satisfied. Call or request a job estimate online to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does radiant heat work?

Radiant heat systems rely on a boiler to create hot water, which in turn warms radiators or tubes inside the floor to heat a room.

Do heat pumps work with radiators/radiant heating systems?

Yes, you can use a heat pump to provide air conditioning and mild weather heating in addition to your radiant heating system. As temperatures drop, you may find a heat pump is unable to keep up with the needs of heating the space, requiring the boiler to take over.

How to adjust radiator heat:

When adjusting the temperature in a room with radiator heating, there are two thermostats to check. First, make sure the boiler thermostat is set to the temperature recommended in the owner’s manual. Second, adjust the temperature knob on the individual radiator to fine-tune the room’s temperature.

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