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Mr. Rooter Pro Tip – Your Drain Isn't Superman!

With the rise of super hero movies over the last decade, more people are now familiar with the super speed, invincibility and super strength that many of these "wonder" people have brought to the big screen.

Do you treat your drains like they have super powers? We hope not! it is important to know that your drains are NOT a super powered alien! They have their limits, and even though many of us push those limits every day, it is vital to keep in mind what pushing past those limits will end up doing to your pocketbook! Today we are going to look at three different things you should never put down your drains (even if they are made of vibranium!).

Item #1 - Hair & Dental Floss

Hair is going to go down your drain. No matter what you do, SOME hair is going to make its way down. It's when LOTS of hair makes it's way down that you run into real trouble. Dental floss can act much in the same way that hair does, so do what you can to keep as much hair as possible from going down your drain, and make sure dental floss NEVER finds its way down!

Item #2 - Diapers/Feminine Hygiene Products

Most people reading this blog probably just read diapers and thought "really? who is flushing diapers!". The fact is that there are many folks out their that have tried, and who also flush feminine hygiene products down the drain. Not only is this a potential clog, it is a potential nightmare! There is a chance, depending on where the items get stuck, that your yard will have to be torn up to fix the clogged pipe. Do yourself, and your pipes, a favor and never make this mistake!

Item #3 - Fat, Oil & Grease

The bad thing about grease is that it looks so completely appropriate to pour down your sink, but when you do, and the grease cools, it congeals and becomes hard. Not only can this alone be an issue, these hardened chunks can then double your damage by catching other items that you put down your drains. Another issue with pouring grease down the sink is that if it hits public sewer lines, it can mix with other items in the sewer and negatively affect the drinking water. Best to avoid this practice all together!

There are certainly many other items that you should avoid flushing down the toilet and pouring down your drains, and this is far from an exhaustive list! The best thing to do is think before you put anything down a drain in your home! Take an extra second and decide if what you are doing could potentially have negative side effects on your pipes, and on your bank account!