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Your drains aren't behaving, but, unlike your 4-year-old, timeout isn't going to work for this issue, so, the plumber has been called and they are on the way! What should you expect? We've compiled a few things to make your drain cleaning appointment go smoothly!

1. Remove any and all items around the clogged drain.

If your bathroom sink is clogged, make sure all the items under your bathroom sink are removed. Our professional is going to need easy access to solve your issue, so having these items out of the way before they get to your home will make everything go much more smoothly.

2. Make sure you clear the path so Mr. Rooter can get all of their equipment in.

Much like items need to be removed from under the sink, you should also have items removed that are directly in the path from the front door to the affected drain(s).

3. Remove any sewage.

If there is sewage in the area, you will want to have a remediation company come and remove it before our professional arrives. If there are inches of sewage waster, Mr. Rooter may not be able to diagnose or fix your issues, especially if the access point is covered in sewage waste.

Doing these three tasks before we arrive at your home or business will make your appointment go as smoothly as possible.

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