New Year's Resolution - Save Money

Many people's New Year's resolution revolved around saving money. For some, that looks like eating out less, putting more in the savings account and buying less stuff. What if we told you that with a few tasks in your home you could be saving money all year long on your energy bills?

Today we will look at three things you can do right now to start keeping more of your money in your pocket when it comes to your energy costs!

  1. Stop the Leaky Faucets  Dripping faucets are annoying go listen to. What if I told you they are even worse than you thought because they also make your wallet leak money! All those drips add up to more than a drop in the bucket on your water bill. You don't want to pay for water that you don't even use, and fixing those leaks is not as hard as you might think! Why not make sure you are getting your money’s worth? Check out this drip calculator to get a real handle on how much water you are wasting.
  2. Out with the Old Bulbs, In with the New  LED’s were once really expensive, but recently, have come down significantly in price. While they still cost more than the old bulbs, they also last much longer and are safer (they include no mercury at all!) Do a house-wide count of your bulbs and buy them a few at a time. Did you know that energy-saving LED bulbs can save you more than $600 in energy costs over the life of each bulb? That can really add up over the course of several years (source:
  3. Not Using It? Don’t Plug It In!  Phantom energy sounds like a villain in a comic book, and coincidentally, can be just as evil when it comes to your pocketbook! Phantom energy is the energy that drains from things like your TV, computer and power cords, when they are switched off. You can save these standby power costs simply by unplugging, instating of just powering down your appliances. Phantom standby power can cost the average household $100 each year! The good news? You don't need to be a super hero to stop this energy from zapping your cash supply. Buying a surge protector with multiple outlets can allow you to easily unplug several devices at once and keep these bucks in your wallet!

There are many more ways to save cash buy doing simple things in your home, but this short list is a great place to start! Take some time now to plan out a few of the above tasks and start saving money today!