Uh-oh...Is That A Leak?

Well that's no good. You may have a leak! What will you do now? Let's take a deeper look.

There are many tell-tale signs of a potential leak. Disturbed dust patterns that look suspiciously like a dirty car after the rain has dried. A puddle of unknown origin. Whether the water was from an open window during the rain, a leaky supply line, or a kid with a spray bottle… well, that’s harder to tell.

If water has shown it's face, chances are, it will again, as water follows the path of least resistance. There’s a pretty good chance if you found evidence of a leak (and it hasn’t been fixed), that water will travel that way again. One trick to try is to get a paper bag or paper towel, put it where you think a leak is dripping, and wait and see if the paper gets wet.

If there are water supply lines around the area where you think the leak is happening, make sure and check them thoroughly. Appliances near by? Check their hoses just to make sure a leak isn't present. Make sure you can turn the appliances off quickly though, just in case you are correct about the source of the leak.

If you see nothing at the time, it might just be a really slow leak. Check there area each day. There is a chance that it is a leak that appears only after it rains. It might also just be water left there from little Johnny. Either way though, it is important to do your best to check until you have found the source of the leak.

Please keep in mind that just because you can't find the leak, doesn’t always mean you don’t have one. Listen to your gut and look at the evidence. If things still don't feel right, give the folks at Mr. Rooter of North Central Indiana a call! Whether it be a high water bill or continued presence of unexplained water, we can help you identify where it might be coming from, and thereby put a stop to whatever might be causing your unexplained leak.

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