What a year it has been!

We are so grateful to have such amazing employees, customers, and to be a part of an amazing organization like Neighborly. In the midst of this incredibly difficult situation for our nation, it has been encouraging for us to hear so many stories of Americans stepping up and showing what the best of humanity has to offer.

Things like companies stopping what they produce at their factories and producing masks, ventilators and gloves because of the shortages we were facing of each of these Items.

Things like neighbors picking up groceries and dropping them off for elderly neighbors and those in high risk categories for serious complications from this virus.

Things like all of the first responders that are continuing to go to work each and every day, regardless of the risk, to help those who have come down with COVID-19.

Hopefully, as we move forward and defeat this virus, we will continue to see Americans coming together, getting past their differences and we can move into a time where we simply love and care for each other, regardless of our backgrounds and beliefs.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, we will get through this together, and when it is done, we will look back and marvel at the strength that each person showed and the unique contributions that each of us made to end this virus in our nation.