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A close-up photograph of the timer and valve assembly of a water conditioner / water softener.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Improve Your Health & Home by Getting Rid of Hard Water

Are you debating the benefits of installing a water softener in your business or home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re discussing the advantages of investing in a water softener. Softening your water will help keep your health, home, and appliances healthy. It can even save you money by reducing overall water usage.

Unfortunately, city water often contains minerals that will produce limescale on home appliances. If left untreated and unfiltered, the mineral buildup from hard water can cause corrosion, rust, unpleasant water, and rapid deterioration.

A water softener system can help reduce:

  • Appliance and utensil stains and scale deposits
  • Corroded fixtures
  • The amount of soap and detergents necessary to lather and clean adequately
  • Faded clothes
  • Dry hair and skin

Installing a water softener can help you proactively prevent these consequences by removing minerals from the water supply before it reaches your appliances. To learn more, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southeast Georgia today!

Reduce Limescale on Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southeast Georgia, we believe water softeners are well worth the upfront cost – especially if you live in a location with high levels of hard water. Over time, hard water can leave mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium, on your home surfaces and fixtures. This residue can cause your shower, sink, piping, dishwasher, and espresso machine to look grimy and dingy as soap scum and limescale accumulate.

Frustratingly, hard water stains can be near impossible to eradicate and permanently damage valuable appliances. No one wants to spend free time scrubbing metal. Don’t let hard water stains ruin the functionality and luster of your bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, elegant silverware/dishware, water heater, and dishwasher. Eliminate spots, rust, and stains by installing a water softener before it is too late.

Use Less Soap & Detergent

Hard water will quickly rinse away soap and detergent before washing food particles. A water softener system will significantly boost the effectiveness of your soap when lathering dishes and clothing. In fact, a water softener can mitigate soap and detergent usage by nearly 50%. This reduction will mean you save money by buying cleaning supplies less often.

In addition to requiring less soap and detergent, you will enjoy softer clothing and cleaner dishes. Hard water can make fresh laundry feel stiffer than before it entered the washing machine. It can also increase static electricity – particularly in synthetic fabrics. The stiffness and static electricity are due to the indissoluble minerals clinging to your clothing.

Improve the Energy Efficiency & Durability of Your Appliances

A water softener can deliver long-term savings by cutting down on the energy expended by your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine. Because a softener eliminates minerals from your water before passing it through the water heater, your tank will endure less wear and tear. Moreover, most water heater tanks contain iron, which attracts hard water deposits – causing the tank to fill up with residue over time. This mineral sediment will leave you with less space in your water heater and require more energy to heat the same number of gallons.

Meanwhile, hard water can harm your dishwasher’s interior components by accelerating the process of rust and corrosion. This deterioration can hamper performance and spoil the overall appearance of the appliance. Finally, a home water softener will allow your washing machine to produce better results with less detergent. Your clothes will also dry faster, due to the lack of mineral residue in the fabric – saving you money on electric bills every month.

Save Money: Book a Professional Water Softener Installation

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southeast Georgia hopes installing a water softener has become a no-brainer now that we’ve thoroughly outlined the numerous advantages. A water softener can significantly extend the lifespan of your fixtures, appliances, and plumbing system by minimizing limescale deposits, rust, and corrosion. Soft water supplies will also reduce your monthly energy consumption, nourish your hair/skin, and leave your appliances sparkling clean. No wonder the water softening industry is growing by the year!

Since 1970, Mr. Rooter® has provided long-lasting, affordable plumbing services to property owners across North America. Our licensed and highly trained plumbing professionals have the resources and skills to help you solve all your hard water issues. We can install or replace a water softener system that suits your needs. During our initial consultation, we can test the hardness of your water to calculate the ideal grain capacity for your needs. Grain capacity measures how much water a softener system can filter before it needs to be regenerated.

Want more information? Call (912) 623-4240Ā for a complimentary consultation today!

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