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Drain Cleaning in Bay City

Serving the Tri-City Area, Including Saginaw & Surrounding Cities

A home’s kitchen, bathroom, basement, and yard only function effectively when drains are in working condition. Unfortunately, the more a drain works to keep you and your house clean, the more dirt, grime, and other substances build up within your pipes.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Tri-Cities, we believe in the importance of routine drain cleaning in order to avoid the hassle of clogs and backups and offer our friendly and professional services to homeowners throughout the Bay City area.

Need Bay City drain cleaning services to maintain or repair clogged drains? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Tri-Cities at(989) 248-1158 or reach out online today!

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Whether your drains are working, slow, or clogged, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Tri-Cities is ready to provide the quality drain cleaning services you need.

We serve the areas of Bay City, Saginaw, Midland, and beyond with 24/7 emergency service!

Why call us for drain cleaning? A few reasons include:

  • Our Warranty. We back our drain cleaning services with a thirty (30) day warranty as per our Neighborly Done Right Promise®.
  • Our Uniformed Drain Plumbers. We show up on time, in our company uniform, and even lay out our own doormat outside your door. We also wear shoe covers in your home.
  • Putting You in Control. Once we diagnose your drain, we'll review and present you with "Good", "Better", and "Best" options. That way you get to choose which drain cleaning service option is right for you. With us, you're in control.
  • Our Warranty. We back our drain cleaning services with a thirty (30) day warranty as per our Neighborly Done Right Promise®.

Searching for quick and reliable drain cleaning near you? Request your service online or call us at (989) 248-1158 today.

When Should You Get Your Drains Cleaned?

The obvious answer is that you should get your drains cleaned when water starts to back up. However, regular cleanings can not only avoid potential clogs altogether, but they can also avoid potential, more serious plumbing issues down the line.

As such - experts recommend having your drains cleaned about once every year.

What Exactly Clogs a Drain?

A Mr. Rooter drain cleaning plumber inspecting kitchen sink drain with a customer

Knowing what clogs a drain can help you prevent a major plumbing emergency, like a clogged sewer line. Below we list common drains in your home and the things that can clog them.

  • Kitchen Drains. Kitchen drains regularly build up layers of food, grease, fat, and soap which can easily cause clogs and potential damage to pipes.
  • Bathroom Sinks & Shower Drains. Bathroom drains get clogged with hair, grime, soap, toothpaste, and a number of other products. Drains in the bathroom are headaches waiting to happen.
  • Other Drains. Utility room, basement, and yard drains see all sorts of dirt and grime throughout the day. Blockage of these drains can cause serious property damage.
  • Toilets. Flushable wipes, sanitizing wipes, tissue, and dental floss are among the most common things to clog toilets, drain pipes, and your main sewer line. Thus - recommend only flushing human waste and toilet paper down your toilet.

No matter which drain is clogged, or how bad the clog is, call us at (989) 248-1158 for quick drain cleaning in Bay City. Or request your service online today.

How Do I Know My Drain is Clogged?

Signs of a Clogged Drain in the Tri Cities

Knowing what causes clogged drains is the first step, but oftentimes we don't get our drains cleaned until problems turn up.

Standing water and slowly draining sinks are a couple of the common signs you have a clogged drain.

Some of the other signs you have a clogged drain include:

  • Water Drains Slowly
  • Horrible Smells
  • Changes in water bill
  • Gurgling Noises
  • Frequent Clogs
  • Rattling Pipes

If you're not sure if you have a problem, just give us a call and our expert drain plumbers can help figure it out!

Looking for drain cleaning services in Bay City, MI? Give us a call at (989) 248-1158 or request your appointment online.