Plumbing Services Near Williamsburg

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg, courtesy matters. In fact, it's the foundation of our good service! When you hire our Williamsburg plumbers, you can expect us to treat you and your home respectfully while performing any repair, installation, or check-up. We will be sure to treat you and your home respectfully while performing any Williamsburg water and sewer repairs. You'll even have a clean workspace after the job is done!

Why Williamsburg locals trust our plumbers:

  • Our professionals are polite and uniform.
  • Each project is cleaned up, and your space is left as we found it.
  • All of our quality workmanship and parts are guaranteed.
  • We employ expert, licensed plumbing experts.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg, we have the latest technology available and offer plumbing camera inspections that allow us to pinpoint the exact cause and location of your plumbing problems. This enables us to act quickly and efficiently in solving the issue.

Contact us online or call to request reliable Williamsburg plumbing repair.

What Services Do You Offer?

We provide residential and commercial plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance.

We can handle all of the following plumbing services and more:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Sewer system backups
  • Sewer line repair and replacement
  • Trenchless sewer line repair
  • Video camera inspection
  • Water line repair
  • Water line replacement and installation
  • Frozen pipe repair
  • Leaking pipe repair
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Gas line repair
  • Gas line replacement and installation
  • Water treatment
  • Well pump service
  • Water purification
  • Water pressure service
  • Boiler service
  • Backflow prevention devices
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Great Reasons to Choose Mr. Rooter

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    Never an Overtime Charge

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    Upfront Pricing

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    Exceptional Customer Service

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    Locally Owned and Operated

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    Licensed and Insured

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    Workmanship Parts Guaranteed

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    Courteous, Uniformed Professionals

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    Convenient Appointment Times

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    Flexible Service Options

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Plumbing Services in Seaford, Yorktown & Surrounding Areas!

All of our plumbers who perform Williamsburg water and sewer repairs are licensed and insured. We are available 24/7 to address any plumbing emergencies you might run into. We serve Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Seaford, and beyond!

Our Williamsburg water and sewer experts offer upfront pricing on our services, regardless of when you need them taken care of even in an emergency. In addition, we offer complimentary whole-home plumbing check-ups with any of our regular plumbing services.

Ready to schedule your commercial or residential plumbing repair with our local plumbers in Williamsburg, VA? Contact us online today!

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg

Hampton, Lackey, Lightfoot, Newport News, Norge, Poquoson, Seaford, Williamsburg, Yorktown

Services We Provide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still open during COVID?

Yes, our Williamsburg plumbers are still available to help with your plumbing issues during the COVID-19 crisis. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg is following CDC-recommended guidelines to protect our customers and our staff. Visit our corporate page to learn more about what Mr. Rooter is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What areas do you serve?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg serves the greater Williamsburg area and the cities of Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, Yorktown, and Seaford.

Do you offer emergency plumbing repair services?

Yes! If you have a plumbing emergency, do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg to have your issue resolved quickly. We offer same-day and next-day emergency services. Our licensed plumbing experts are available 24/7 to solve any plumbing emergency in your area. If you need an emergency plumber in Williamsburg, contact us today.

We offer a free estimate so you know your final bill before we begin resolving your plumbing emergency. Common plumbing problems include clogged sinks, clogged toilets, clogged tubs and showers, leaky faucets and toilets, leaking water heaters, burst pipes, sewer backups, and more. If you have any of these problems, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg is here to help you.

Why does my house smell like sewage?

There are several possible reasons why your home may smell like a sewer. Some of the most common causes are bacteria and decomposing waste in the sewer system, a dried-out water barrier in the sewer trap, an improperly installed or cut vent pipe, a broken or loose seal or a cracked pipe. If you are experiencing a sewer odor in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room at night or during the day, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is here to help.

Breathing sewer gas is unhealthy and can also be irritating if you don't know the reason behind that odor. We have 24/7 emergency plumbers in Williamsburg to help you identify the problem and get it fixed quickly. Reach out to us today.

How do I prevent water damage?

Water damage can occur from events such as hurricanes and floods, but also from leaks in pipes, poorly graded soil, or a sump pump failure. Water damage in your home can cause severe damage, so it is important to prevent it from occurring as much as possible.

You can prevent water damage in your home by:

  • Maintaining gutters clear
  • Checking your roof on a regular basis
  • Looking for areas with mold growth
  • Installing a sump pump and smart water sensors
  • Regularly checking the overall state of your home's plumbing

Our professional plumbers perform thorough check-ups where they can find any plumbing issues and offer you solutions to repair them. That’s the best way to prevent a minor problem from becoming a major plumbing failure.

How often should you check your plumbing?

Checking your plumbing system on a regular basis is highly recommended to ensure that everything is working properly and to identify potential problems early. A plumbing emergency is always a major hassle, and often the most common problems can be avoided with proper checkups. Generally, it is recommended to have a checkup every two years, but if you live in an older home, if you have mature trees around, it is advisable to have periodic checkups more often. If you have just moved into a new home, it is also advisable to have a thorough inspection.

Our professional plumbers have the experience and reputation to perform regular check-ups and avoid major problems in your home or business.

Is it worth it to call a plumber?

While you may try to resolve the plumbing issue on your own, the truth is that you should let a professional plumber handle the job. Since you do not have the same knowledge and experience as a licensed plumber, you may end up doing more harm than good. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Williamsburg, our plumbing technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to handle any plumbing emergency.

Common signs you need to call a plumber include:

  • No running water
  • No hot water
  • Low water pressure
  • Clogged drains
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Pipe burst
  • Frozen pipes
  • Sewage Odor

Do I need a plumber for a leaky faucet?

Sometimes a dripping faucet can be easily fixed and may not need professional help. However, a poor job can lead to further damage and costly repairs in the future. For example, some situations that can involve a leaking faucet such as broken pipes, valve seat corrosion, or worn seals, require a professional's diagnosis and repair. This is one of the most commonly performed repairs by our plumbers in Williamsburg. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing we recommend calling a professional if you are dealing with a leaky faucet, as a skilled plumber will identify the problem and fix it quickly.

Are you having other mysterious plumbing issues that you can't quite pinpoint? Call our Williamsburg plumbers to help diagnose your plumbing issues.

Clogged Drains

From smells to messes to unwanted residue, a clogged drain can be a serious inconvenience and nuisance. Watch out for signs like water draining extremely slow, gurgling sounds coming out of your drains, and even foul smells in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Plumbing Repairs

Whether you have a broken toilet, damaged faucet, or busted pipe, our team of skilled plumbers is just a phone call away. Our certified plumbers walk you through the problem. We’ll tackle plumbing repairs around-the-clock, remaining available for all types of plumbing repair emergencies.

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