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Video Inspection

Drain lines do not inspire curiosity among most people. We flush the toilet, the water goes down andplumber snaking a drain away. Success! Most of us like to just pretend that all of our plumbing works through magic, because the alternative is just too real to bear. We might just change our tune if we could look inside the complex tunnels under our homes and businesses. What plumbers know and others do not know (or care to know) is that these chaotic adventures in plumbing where bathtubs have back-ups and commodes overflow are, in some cases, preventable.

When disaster strikes, the reality of the complicated connections of pipes which keep waste away from the interior of our homes becomes the most important thing we can imagine. We might just change our tune if we could look inside the complex tunnels under our homes and businesses. Seeing the state of drain lines before there is an obvious issue (like a toilet stoppage or waste coming up from a bathtub drain) can actually provide valuable insight as to the prevention of these disasters.

Video inspection technology allows plumbers to safely investigate drain lines and have visual tools to explain their condition. Also, should any drain mishaps occur, using video inspection before and after the proper cleaning of the drain line can illuminate reasons as to why the problem happened. Video inspection of drain lines can show root intrusions and breaks in the lines, which will continue to wreak havoc on your home or business plumbing system. When drain lines cannot effectively draw waste water from the interior of the building, stoppages and back-ups happen. Incidents like these can cause extensive and costly damage to your property.

Video inspection of drain lines is done using a specialized camera. Once the drain line has been cleared (most effectively with the use of a HydroScrub process), most imperfections, like breaks in the lines and root intrusions, can be seen by the camera. The small lensed camera is affixed to the head of a drain line cable. The technician lowers the cable with the camera slowly and with directional purpose into a point of entry. Points of entry include previously installed exterior clean out accesses, through pulled commodes and floor drains. The camera begins to capture the state of the drain lines immediately. Technicians can see a real time view of the condition of the drain lines on a monitor. This information can be recorded and viewed from different platforms, as needed.

Plumbers and technicians can use the information gathered during video inspections to most precisely plan repairs. The video enables plumbers and technicians to gauge the distance from the point of access where the damage to the line occurs, which aids in minimizing digging, opening of floors and destruction of landscaping. Video inspection of drain lines can, in most cases, inform plumbers as to how to correct the issue and avoid unpleasant events. Video inspection of drain lines is the most effective