How Garbage Disposal Was Invented

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Over recent years, garbage disposals have been installed into more homes than ever before. Seeing as the garbage disposal is considered to be a 'newer' invention, it's no surprise people are starting to see the benefits of having a team like& Mr. Rooter Plumbing& install a garbage disposal into their kitchen sinks.

You probably have heard of the most common household garbage disposal names such as KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and General Electric, but the very first garbage disposal brand was named InSinkErator. This garbage disposal is one of the most powerful ones on the market, and believe it or not, it was invented only back in 1927. While that doesn't seem too recent of a discovery, when you look back at when other household appliances were invented, the garbage disposal is relatively recent.

Who Invented the Garbage Disposal?

The very first garbage disposal appliance was created by John W Hammes in Wisconsin. Hammes was known for his architectural abilities, but he was constantly looking for a solution to make cleaning up after his meals easier. He started to piece together his invention in 1916 in his basement where he came up with his initial design. He was amazing at piecing things together and figuring out how to make things work.

After he finalized his design, Hammes decided to rent a machine shop where he started gathering parts and pieces and he created multiple different prototypes. After years of trying to get his invention and idea to work, he found the right option in 1927. After a couple of years of testing his invention out on the market, he filed for a U. S. patent in May of 1933. Two years later, it was granted said patent.

What Happened Next?

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Fast forward to 1938 where Hammes started to market his invention to a company named InSinkErator. He marketed his invention as 'electric pigs' which thankfully turned into 'food waste disposal' when it hit industry officials' desks. In their first year of business together, Hammes and InSinkErator sold 52 units - consumers weren't sure this was something they truly needed.

Once World War II hit, the need for garbage disposal skyrocketed and several big appliance companies started to create similar products. The InSinkErator Company was eventually bought by Emerson Electric. Co who has been making garbage disposals ever since.

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