Will Rock Salt Kill Tree Roots in a Sewer Line?

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Tree roots can cause major damage to your sewer line and lead to a whole host of problems, including sewage backup and expensive repairs. Luckily, there are many ways you can get rid of tree roots in a sewer line before they cause problems. You don't have to wait until there's sewage backing up into your drains before taking action.

One of the methods used to kill tree roots in sewer lines is flushing rock salt down the toilet. Rock salt works by sucking moisture from the roots and inhibiting the uptake of nutrients, thereby starving them off.

However, using rock salt to kill tree roots frequently can kill the entire tree; and this presents a challenge for homeowners who may want to use this method to get rid of tree roots in their sewer lines.

Moreover, flushing crystalline rock salt frequently down your sewer line can increase the risk of corrosion in the sewer pipes and worsen the problem.

It's advisable to use liquid rock salt solution instead of crystalline rock salt and flush it only once every 1 or 2 months.

If your trees start to wither or show signs of stress, that's an indication that the rock salt is affecting the entire trees, and you should stop flushing rock salt down your sewer lines until they look healthy again.

What Are the Alternative Ways to Remove Tree Roots from A Sewer Line?

  • Use Copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is an inexpensive way to kill tree roots in a sewer line. All you need to do is pour one cup of copper sulfate crystals in the toilet bowl and flush the toilet. Ensure you don't flush the toilet again for 8 hours or drain any other fixture.

However, this method has its downsides. Too much of copper sulfate can kill the entire tree and corrode your sewer pipes. So you need to use it sparingly to avoid killing the entire tree.

  • Hire A Plumber

If you're looking to only kill tree roots without the risk of the trees dying off in the process, hiring a dependable plumber is your best bet.

A plumber will utilize reliable sewer line repair methods to remove tree roots in your sewer line without affecting the entire tree.

Signs That Tree Roots May Be Clogging Your Sewer Lines

  • Gurgling noise in your drain
  • The presence of bad odors
  • Bad smell from the drain
  • Collapsed and blocked pipes
  • Frequent toilet backups
  • Visible sink holes

You Can Prevent the Problem Before It Starts

The most effective way to prevent tree roots from growing into sewer lines is to create a physical barrier between the trees and the sewer lines. You can install wood or metal barriers buried about 6 to 12 inches deeper than your pipes to prevent the roots from reaching your sewer pipes.

Reach Out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Cost-Effective Sewer Line Repair

If you're located in Atlanta and need help with getting rid of tree roots in sewer lines, get in touch with Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Our certified and licensed plumbers will utilize various methods, including mechanical cutting, hydrojetting, and trenchless sewer line repair to remove tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer lines.