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Drain Cleaning

Your home has several different drains, running from every type of appliance or fixture that has water flowing to and from it. While it is the job of the pipes to bring clean water to each of these appliances and fixtures, it is the duty of the drains to take all the unwanted and dirty waste water away from your family and home. Most drains have far more to contend with than just water, such as bits of food, soap and hair. All of these substances combined together can cause drain clogs which must be cleared before they create serious problems for your entire plumbing system. Even the smallest of clogs can cause waste water to back up into your fixture or onto your floors creating damage and odors that your home doesn’t want. All of the drains in your home empty into the same place, so when one has a problem, it can cause issues for the other drains as well. This means that even a small clog can make your entire plumbing system unusable until an experienced Dayton area Mr. Rooter® plumber can come and repair or perhaps replace your plumbing drains.

Most of the time, you will notice that you have a clog because the water will begin to drain slower than it previously had. If the problem drain is in your shower or tub, sometimes you can pull off the drain cover and remove all debris that is causing the clog. In bathrooms, drains commonly get clogged due to hair, soap, dirt and even toothpaste. Make sure to run water while brushing your teeth to make sure the toothpaste does not settle and harden in the drain. In your kitchen sink, the problem usually stems from food bits, oil and grease that get casually tossed down the sink. Oil and grease should always be disposed of in the trash instead of the sink since when they cool down, they have a tendency to harden and cause clogs. Even if you have a garbage disposal, be careful of what food you put into the sink. Fibrous vegetables, meat and any hard items such as bones should never be put into the garbage disposal. Making sure to run water while your disposal is on will help all other foods get washed away without causing clogs. The other most common type of drain is a floor drain. These are typically found in laundry rooms, garages, basements and patios. They are installed to help quickly wash away any unwanted water from an appliance that is malfunctioning or a heavy rain. When they are clogged with dirt, leaves or other debris, they will not work as they are meant to and the water can cause expensive damage to your floors and furniture.

When You Have a Clog

When you have a clog, especially a minor one, it may be tempting to head to the hardware store and take care of it yourself instead of calling a knowledgeable Dayton plumber. Many times, by the time you notice the clog, it is deep within the drain and store bought drain cleaners are usually only effective with clogs that are relatively close to the surface. In addition, store bought chemicals and tools can actually cause more damage to your drains than the clog, forcing you to still call a Dayton plumber to replace your drains which is obviously far more costly for your wallet. Anytime you have a clogged drain, it is always safest to call an experienced, licensed and insured plumber so that the job can be done correctly and safely for your home and your family.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Plumber

Along with having your drains cleaned because there is a problem clog, the friendly plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Dayton are also experienced at routine drain cleanings to help avoid clogs altogether! In fact, the plumbers at Mr. Rooter recommend having these done because it is the only way to keep your drains flowing clear and getting rid of even the smallest bits of debris that can cause odors and clogs. Preventative home maintenance is a responsible part of home ownership and routine drain cleanings are an important aspect of making sure your entire plumbing system is working well. When you call us for your drain cleaning, you can expect prompt and affordable service by plumbers that are kind and respectful to our customers each and every time. Because any type of drain clog can turn into big problems for your home, call today for your preventative drain cleaning appointment and find out why other home owners in Dayton have already called us!

This diagram shows many of the common types of vents and drains in most homes. The green pipes represent outgoing waste water, the yellow pipes represent ventilation tubes, the red pipes indicate hot water, and the blue lines show cold water.

Diagram of Common Vents and Drains in House

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