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6 Benefits of HydroScrub® Jetting in Salem, OR

Our plumbing systems are modern marvels. The convenience of watching wastewater disappear down the drain with no effort on our parts shouldn't be underestimated. But it's often taken for granted—until the drain is not working properly, and we realize how good we had it before.

Whether they're partially or totally blocked, clogged drains are more than just an irritating inconvenience that cuts into your leisure time. If neglected, they can spiral into much more serious and damaging problems like sewer system backups and burst pipes. But conventional drain care treatments such as drain snakes and harsh chemical cleaners aren't totally effective at removing clogs, and can even damage your pipes further.

The solution is a revolutionary drain cleaning service called HydroScrub® jetting that’s superior to conventional drain cleaning methods. But what is it, and why is it so great? We'll cover six reasons why HydroScrub® jetting is beneficial for your Salem, Oregon, home or business.

What is HydroScrub® Jetting?

The HydroScrub® tool is a large water tank attached to a custom high-pressure hose and specialized nozzle, with a machine component that pressurizes water and controls how fast and hard it comes out of the nozzle. It’s capable of creating water pressures of up to 3,500 psi (pound-force per square inch)—in comparison, water pressure from a faucet is typically around 60 psi.

The hydro-jetting machine uses high-pressure jets of water to blast away buildup inside your pipes, from hard mineral deposits to soft deposits of grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris that prevents wastewater from flowing freely through the sewer line.

Why You Need HydroScrub® Service for Your Home or Business

So what makes HydroScrub® jetting so much better than old-fashioned methods, such as snaking and chemical cleaners? There are six key benefits of HydroScrub® service that makes it the best option for your Salem, Oregon, home or business.

1. Highly Effective and Efficient

The conventional snaking method basically punches holes through sludge and brings up as much of the clog as possible, but it can't remove all the residue buildup clinging to the pipe’s walls. Some will be left behind, causing another clog in that area in the near future.

Water jetting service, on the other hand, breaks up all the buildup of grease, food scraps, mineral deposits, hair clumps, and other stuff that’s causing the blockage. It scrubs the inside of the pipe clean so it's not as easy for nasty buildup to attach itself to your sewer line’s walls. And because it's just water—extremely powerful water—it doesn't eat away at the inside of household pipes like harsh chemical cleaners can.

2. Versatile Solutions

Some people who have heard of HydroScrub® jetting think it's only for routine maintenance of commercial buildings. Not so! It's a versatile cleaning solution that can be safely and effectively used in residential homes as well as commercial operations. It's fast and efficient in emergency drain cleaning situations, and can be used to clear almost any type of drain line blockages. And, whether you have a one-time clog or are struggling with multiple, recurring clogs, HydroScrub® will blast them away and stop them from building up again within a couple of weeks or months.

3. Preventative Maintenance

If you don't currently have a clogged drain issue and very much want to keep it that way, HydroScrub® is the best way to maintain your pipes and prevent future problems. A preventative maintenance schedule for jetting service will not only keep your sewer lines running smoothly, it'll extend their lifespan dramatically so you can avoid the expensive, time-consuming hassle of pipe rehabilitation and replacement.

4. Environmentally Friendly

The chemicals and solvents that are typically involved with traditional cleaning methods can make their way into waterways such as rivers, lakes, and the ocean where they cause damage to the natural ecosystem. Since HydroScrub® jetting only uses water, it's environmentally friendly and helps to protect our flora and fauna.

5. More Sanitary

We apologize in advance for this mental image, but conventional ways of dealing with dirty drains such as cable snakes dredge up heavy sludge comprised of sewage, rotten food, toilet paper, and other revolting items that clog your pipes. This can then splash all over the surrounding area in your home. Hydro-jetting pushes that nasty sludge through the pipe and into the city sewer system where it belongs, keeping your home (and your plumber) neat and tidy. It also eliminates bacteria that could pose a threat to you and your family’s health if it comes back up the drain.

6. Saves Money

The cost of HydroScrub® jetting is generally higher than the price of other methods such as snaking, but it's still more cost-effective in the long run because it's so much more effective. You'll save money because you won't need to have a plumber come to your home repeatedly to snake the drain. In fact, jetting services need to be performed four times less often than snaking on average. You'll save a lot more money because HydroScrub® will help prevent future drain issues and keep your pipes in good condition for much longer—potentially many years longer. Thus, you won't need sewer line replacement as soon.

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Whether you need top-notch residential drain cleaning services or service for your commercial building, HydroScrub® jetting is the best and most long-lasting clogged drain solution. The pros at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Salem, OR, have the experience and know-how to provide complete customer satisfaction with every job.

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