Water Line Repairs in Salem, OR

Discolored water, a drop in water pressure, and puddles forming throughout your yard are all signs that your main line may be damaged. It also may be a leak in a line into the home where you may not see the leak.

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A broken or cracked water line should be fixed immediately, as leaking water elsewhere may cause damage to your home. If it is a mainline which is leaking, your water usage will increase and so will your utility bill. When you notice these signs it is best to contact a plumber immediately! Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Salem is here to repair your water lines. We help residents in Salem, Keizer, Monmouth, Woodburn, and Silverton with all their water line repairs and all other plumbing needs. To learn more, contact us today or schedule an appointment through our online form.

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Signs to Schedule an Appointment

Cracking, tree root growth, and leaks are all culprits behind a mainline failure. Pay close attention to the health of your drains and pipes, especially if you begin to see the listed symptoms. Your plumbing system will slowly show you signs that something is wrong.

  • High monthly bills - High monthly bills signify that your pipes are leaking, draining money from your wallet.

  • Low water pressure - Low pressure in your sinks and toilets is another sign that the water within your home is being used elsewhere via a leak.

  • A sound of running water - Do you hear strange noises even when your toilets, sinks, and tubs have not been used? If so, contact a professional. They will shut off your water supply, saving you money and preventing leaks from expanding.

  • Pools of water - If you find liquid pooling around the base of your sinks or toilets, your main line has a leak and must be repaired immediately.

  • Flooding within your yard - Soggy, constantly damp areas within your yard are a sign you need main line repair. Call our plumbers today for service.

  • Discolored water - Is the liquid within your sinks and toilets a murky shade of yellow or brown? This can be sediment rising through your water system.

  • Rust and corrosion - Look for signs of rust around the base of your tub or toilet. Rust is a sign of water oxidizing with iron and oxygen and forms when there is a leak within your home.

Water Line Replacement

It is not uncommon for main lines to wear down and become damaged past the point of repair. Luckily, in the event of this happening, Mr. Rooter offers mainline replacements. Our trenchless water line pipe replacement is designed to replace your water lines without tearing up your landscaping in the process. With this service, we save your home, your yard, and your plumbing system from damage. When our plumbers arrive at your home, they can help you decide whether water line repair or replacement will be your best option in the years to come.

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Our plumbers are dedicated to helping Salem, Keizer, Monmouth, Woodburn, and Silverton with all their residential plumbing needs! Our services don’t stop at water line repairs. We can solve clogged drains, provide re-piping, drain cleaning, and many more services. For emergency plumbing, we are available 24/7, all hours of the day, every day of the week. When you call us for the job, you will be relieved to find upfront prices and never an overtime charge. Contact us today, and hire a team of experts who will get the state of your home into better shape.

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